Zombie monster mode or skin


since TRS made left 4 dead they could totally make some sort of hommage or something by doing horror modes or skins, i think that would be pretty cool


You know what? That would be a amazing idea. Good thinking, thegamer118.


I would love to see a Goliath zombie skin, that would be epic!


thanks, i really appreciate it


ikr ?? xDD


The idea could work, dead monsters and hunters could rise from the dead to fight again


Laz be raising da dead


Zombies are overused. Just don´t.


but Zombie MONSTERS ??? come on zombie monsters dude, zombie monsters


and while we are at it… how about a zombie defend mode, or a zombie horde mode… which is basically the same sigh

zombies are the dragons of this century as vampires where the one of last.


but duuuuuuuuuude zzombie monsters imagine them, huge, terrifying, and awsoooome


how about zombie elves? or zombie nazi fetes? oh wait those allready exist…

so, whats with zombie spiders? thats new as far as i know!


maybe but no one did a zombie goliath, or any of the monsters


close enough


but not quite, and it s a card, seriously a card


Skins could be added if a new game mode isn’t added


yes totally


You are a very nonconstructive person. I know you like to interject your opinion and you have the right to so by any means go ahead i wont stop you. Just don’t be a complete curb-stomp to peoples thoughts.


You’re such a troll, and I love every minute of it. I don’t like you. Your trolliness is just funny.


Don’t you think the voodoo skins are about as zombie as they’ll get?