Zombie Army Trilogy is currently on sale on Steam!


10/10, would recommend again!
Zombie Army Trilogy is currently 14 euros, down from 42! The game is super underrated imo and if y’like multiplayer co-op zambie games and the concept of WW2/nazi zombies, this game’s totally for you. Thought I’d get it a little more publicity, I’m surprised not many people know of it :o

#Update; 6th February
Zombie Army Trilogy is on sale right now on steam for 12.59 euroes! GO GIT IT :D!

Humble bundle link

Steam link (on sale at the minute)


I’m just sitting here on my PS4, asking “Why is it $15 cheaper on the PSN store?”.

But seriously, why is it? Is this apart of a bundle?


Probably because the market isn’t as big, so they have to sell it for less.


That would make sense.


I’ve been playing this game for the past week and it’s fun :3
Me playing the Horde Mode with a bud of mine :smiley:


Friendly reminder, only 8 hours left on the sale for this game. It really is worth grabbing!



Guys! There’s a steam sale right now and Zombie Army Trilogy is on sale again! :smiley:

You should TOTALLY get it if you don’t have it already!



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