Zero Punctuation - Evolve


I do love his videos, always entertaining!

Some interesting and funny points made, but still… I LOVE Evolve.


It was entertaining. Zero Punctuation is usually really funny :smile:

Evolve is fantastic, it isn’t that casual of a game and not for all people out there but for us who are willing to put time into it, it is highly rewarding.

His point about the matchamking and progress system are totally valid.

I love Evolve and with the 4th tier of hunters and Behemoth are gonna make the game so much deeper.

I can’t wait :smile:


Yeah, can;t wait for more hunters.

I have been focusing on Support and Assault, but now I’m looking forward to changing that round to Medic and Trapper.

Don’t see why people get bored of the game, so much variety with different characters and weapons etc.


Another “review” that shows only a surface-level understanding of the game, easily could have been prepared by reading information out there and not actually playing it, and is geared towards entertainment and not information.

I wish things like this could just be more up-front “Watch me bitch about Game X” because it is what they do. Honest Trailers has that bit down and delivers, it isn’t meant to be a real review and doesn’t act like one, it is just ragging on things for enjoyment. There’s absolutely a place for that and it is fun, just wish they wouldn’t use the word “review” anywhere because they aren’t one. As I’ve said elsewhere I’m far more offended by things like this as someone who has written reviews for various sites and done some freelancing at times in print for almost 20 years than as an Evolve fan, if you want to hate on something you need to be over-armed with the facts and demonstrate deep understanding or you’re a one-dimensional hater who enjoys the sound of their own voice. Of course the “jokey” folks then get behind it being entertainment but then again, stop calling them “reviews” then.


Getting annoyed at yahtzee bashing a game is like complaining about the sun being hot.

Its what he does and what everyone expects.


I love this guys reviews. He refuses to summarise his review with a score, and openly admits he isn’t much of a multiplayer gamer. He just says it as he sees it, and only Portal got a 100% positive review.


If he just wouldn’t call it a “review” I’d have no issue. Just like I wish Faux wouldn’t call it “news”.


He has always hated the idea’s of scores.(rightly so) And doesnt even think of himself as a reviewer.


True, going to watch a Zero punctuation episode about any game and expecting it not to be ridiculed is like slapping a horse across the arse with a rake and expecting to come out of it unscathed. It’s just not going to happen x)


I have enjoyed everyone of his Videos for games I’ve played… except this one.

I agree with is point about Matchmaking, and been stuck as your 5th choice -this happens ALOT.

But otherwise it just came across as if he had played the game for a few hours, wasn’t really a fan of that game and decided that based on what other people have said, he can do his ‘review’.

Oh and the fact its multiplayer only is worth bashing… cos you know, since Destiny, multiplayer only games are new and all Destined to fail (Destined… Destiny… hehehehe, wait what?).

Meh, I suppose there was gonna be at least one ZeroPunctiation video that I didn’t find funny or accurate.


Yeah, it’s what I’ve been saying about supposedly serious reviews that do the same. They only propagate surface facts with little to no checking or firsthand experiencie from the reviewers themselves.

To think that this is how a whole industry is run…


Take a look at his demon souls video. Its wonderful.
But yeah, ill defiantly check this out when im off work.


Just as a major contrast here is another new thread and Honest Trailers has their version up and it works! Funny, includes valid criticism, doesn’t get bogged down in weird nit-picking hate about overblown nonsense, and best of all, it in no way implies it is a review! Who’da thunk it?


It’s more like watching a tv series episode rather than a review :slight_smile: some classic ones in there. Cod4 and army of two were good ones, god he hated that game.


Definitely understand, there’s a whole mini industry out there of these things. Just wish they’d make a distinction that what they produce aren’t “reviews” and are meant to be taken as entertainment because too many knobs somehow don’t seem to understand this.


I read that with his voice and at the speed he speaks :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! He still does vids? Will check, this guy is cool.