Zero more days!


Then you shall be mine Broken Hills! I have been waiting for your arrival for a while my friend :grinning:

We did it! We survived for so long and now it is within the palms of our hands! Or paws( No discriminating people :wink:)


Those 2 new maps? After playing them for almost a month I can tell you that foundry (If that’s the one with all the buildings, they get confusing what with the similar names) does not favor monster players at all. It is the smallest map in the game and there are about a million choke points. Trying to create space on that map to Evolve is a pain against a somewhat competent trapper. Don’t even get me started on how much Sunny benefits from how small the map is.

The other map which is entirely underground and 90% cave benefits Goliath and Behemoth a little much. I think this is Behemoth’s best map although it is pretty small also but narrow spots are everywhere so Rock Wall does its work well. This map also has a lot of cliffs so jetpack fuel is pretty necessary.

Overall I still prefer to play the original maps, but hopefully more new ones will come out with good quality


Sounds interesting. More maps TRS! We await with baited breath!


I honestly forgot new maps existed… Stupid M$ and their DLC policy.


Umm all maps are free for everyone? they are not paid dlc they are free.


The maps are fine don’t listen to everyone bitching. I make do just fine as monster on those.


I wasn’t implying they were paid DLC.


The mine is fun but foundry kinda sucks. It’s terrible to sneak and eat in with monster and terrible to fight in as hunter. Once the trapper domed our medic a floor below us and it was impossible to get between the two floors with dome up. Needless to say we lost.


Must admit i forgot them to busy caught up in HoW hype.


I love evolve…I hate these 2 maps me and my buddies vote to skip every time (personal opinion of ours but there is 3 of us so our opinion votes to skip are law :slight_smile: )


I feel sad how we are going to have to wait another month when they release new maps on Xbone. :’(


More underground maps, maybe with a central open space for orbital strikes etc would be good :smile:

I’m looking forward to what they bring out next!


It will be interesting to see the new maps. I’ve refused to look at their deigns thus far. ^.^


Yep, going to keep it as a nice surprise :smile:


Both maps are terrible for monsters. They are fun and look cool though.


I do feel underground maps are a tad unfair on cabot and hank though.


I just remembered that around the time it comes out, my exams are here… :cry:


Mine are to man, mine are to :frowning:


im probaly no gonna play the maps im gonna be on borderlands handsome collection as kreig from lvl 1to 72 op 8


It SORT of makes up for favoring hunters by having the dozens of two-three meat Bohrium Containers almost always under a cieling.