Zephyr - basilisk (monster idea)


Zephyr, a snake like monster which ilves underground.

Uses venomous fangs and long tail as its advantage.

The map should be placed underground even if not entirely then it could have holes what the zephyr could use as a shortcuts.

This could also be more like the stealthy type monster it could use the enviroment as its cover and try to hide from the hunters.

It would be a nice little feature if the Zephyr could leave his skin after evolving so that the hunters know exactly when and where he evolved (like first evolve skin could be a little different from the second one)

Abilities could be based on what the Zephyr has something like this:

Spit venom, slam tail, dash, and or some stealth skill like changing color depending on the place if the stealth skill would end up being difficult to be used effectively then it could have a some kind of a throwing skill as his weapon.

Something like this i had in mind what do you guys think ? I think if you guys shared your opinion this could become a very considerable monster idea :D!


Aaaaah like the snake idea I had in that other topic, I think? Yeah that sounds really cool! Liking the underground aspect of things and perhaps it could burrow underground too? :smiley:


Yeah i think u get the idea pretty good :D! @SlinkyGuy


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