You've won a hundred-million dollar lottery, what do you do with the money?


You may also substitute dollar for a currency of your own choice.


I would buy this little japanese restaurant that is near my house but is always busy. Once I own it I’ll have my own private table reserved forever.


Buy an island and a plane and a boat.


Live happily off the interest alone. Once that is done, I would use no more than 35% of the total at any time, to start up some business that I’ve always wanted to do, as well as pay off my family’s debts. (assuming that the debts. aren’t due to retardedness of course)

I would also love to purchase land to make a large house for my family to live in. I would then build secret halls, compartments, and rooms and never tell my kids about them so that one day they get bored they might find a secret hidey hole all for themselves and have grand adventures within.

I also wouldn’t mind buying up some franchises (Movies/Games/Books) that either deserve a proper sequel or were discontinued for whatever reason Fox usually decides to barf up. Firefly, I’m looking at you!


Dude, make a wardrobe one of the entries to a secret tunnel that comes out into a clearing with a lamp post. just sayin’


Make sure you hire someone experienced to feed the lion inside… or just enjoy your sacrificial wardrobe chamber.


100 million is a gross amount of money.

Matthew 19:24 King James Version:
again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

I’ve seen how money can utterly destroy people, so I’d set aside a few million for myself and family, pay off debts therein, fix this old, broken house, and just live as I normally do. For family members who have proven to not handle money well, a living sum will be set aside for them monthly, but no lump sums. Then, with all the rest, I’d like to anonymously help those who cannot afford their medical bills with this US system, and those who have it very rough due to hard luck. To do this I’d organize an anonymous group to find these people in need, and drop them funds when they need it most.

I’d also like to run social experiments with actors in various situations in public on the street, and for bystanders who stand up for injustice or show themselves to be honorable, they get rewarded. Example…an actor drops his wallet, and the person that returns it will get rewarded…or have an actor pretend to steal the purse of another actor, and anyone who takes a stand to try and prevent it gets rewarded. Reward humanitarianism.

The prospect of having a huge sum of money sounds amazingly awesome at first, but when you REALLY think about, it can be terrifying…it can be a curse. How many movie stars and celebrities do we see with unhappy lives, broken families, and depression? 100 million? No thank you.


I would love the ability to tip fast food workers who are awesome! But I’m too broke to do that currently :frowning: Hence, the eating fast food.


On a more serious note, I’ve always had this plan that I wanted to execute if I became wealthy enough to pull it off.

What I’ve always wanted to do is, instead of giving money to people on the street, I want to hire them. I would run some sort of IT consulting firm, and I would hire homeless for low level jobs support or programming jobs. They would go through on the job training and I would provide housing and meals for them, as well as minimum wage (which would be more than enough to live on if they’re not paying for housing or basic meals). It would act almost as a school, where people are progressing and being replaced with new hires roughly yearly.

Obviously this plan isn’t economically feasible (at least to the person running it), but it could work for a philanthropist. I’ve been in less than excellent circumstances in the past, and if it weren’t for opportunities provided to me I would probably still be in those circumstances. I’ve always wanted to provide that opportunity to others.


I’ve thought something similarly. Offer them a job. However, I feel that many will reject it because a lot of panhandlers just do it as a tax free income source to supplant their already existing jobs. That being said though, I would love to have an organization try to find jobs for those types of people.




I would invest about 20%~25% of it into various metal IRAs (gold, silver, silicon, graphite, and copper among others) & real estate (divided into properties ranges between $100,000 and $300,0000 to rent out at around 1%~5%/month). Another 25% or so into my own underground data center, and the remaining portion to start up a project to build a kite that can collect and store just a portion of solar wind power.

Wise response, though I do not agree that money is a curse or the root of all evils. Rather I support that money is just a convenient and efficient form of information, derived from mathematics. So it’s natural that some groups will never be economically stable regardless of how much money they may accumulate, as they are mathematically illiterate and inferior alike.


Invest it and make more money from my money. :wink:


I also agree with your last statement. I don’t think it is money that is evil, but people in general are terrible when it comes to moderation. If humans (Collectively, not individually) could use moderation, even things such as alcohol and some forms of drugs would be ok. But we are terrible binging, bad decision monkeys. (Collectively, not individually… most of us anyway)


Well, first off I would lose like two thirds of it to taxes I am sure, then I would feel obliged to eliminate any debt in my immediate family, then of course I would have to hook up my friends paying off their houses and cars, then of course I would be socially required to donate a large portion to charity so the media doesn’t say I am heartless, then I would lose another ten percent to tithing, after that most likely I would be in the hole, but because of my fame I would be kidnapped for ransom, which cant be delivered due to the fact I actually became indebted from winning the lottery. After my kidnappers discover I am broke and they wont be payed, they will most likely torture and kill me… then of course when I reach the pearly gates, I will probably be asked what good I did with the money I won, and would be forced to admit that it probably could have been used better, while staring at me feet in shame, then have to turn around and well… we will leave it there :stuck_out_tongue:


I would buy out TRS, then make sure they have all the funding to do whatever they wanted with Evolve and make sure they had funding for any of their other projects. All of this after I put a great portion away for savings of course :smiley:


in all seriousness I would put it in a bank and live off of the interest.


I would disappear, and for sure I wouldn’t have told anyone what i’m going to do with it.


Invest in several low risk high yield mutual funds.


Pay debts…find a place in reasonable driving distance to a beach, and near off roading park stuff…and do boring stuff like make it last as long as possible, maybe go back to school.

Maybe dig into how to start a website, and try to compete in e-publishing with amazon and hopefully get them to buy out the company.

Or not. Its a fantasy after all. I’d develop the cure for jelly belly, create a dentist lottery where you pay for tickets and randomly win braces.

Set up a cooperative of dentists to agree to do the surgeries for a discount and give them some incentive or another.

Have ticket vendors at dentist offices (among other places), and they’d get people in their doors, and they could plead for some to seek some dentistry, and it’d be an evil scheme where I use evil marketing tickets to get people to get in the door, and feel comfortable around dentists and that environment and make money.

The best part is the cackling laughter muhahahah muhahahaha! I’d have all the best lottery-winner-photos too, everyone with the ‘after’ and ‘before’ shots, and force them into taking photos for the ad campaign, and in their communities, and because its dentistry and not millions and millions of dollars more folks would win.

Make myself one of them walmart-level billionaires! MUAHAAHAHAH!

Then I put the muscle on the dentists, and own the field, and then the world! Muahahahah! Smile my pretties smile! Muhahaahaha!

Figure out how to do sculpture, and then learn how to build an IP from the ground up and make a miniature game.

Cool stuff. Its a fantasy after all.

Then when I’m near expired, I’d have a team of experts design a program that would trickle money and incentives long after I’m dead for the kids, and boom…instead of walmart-billionares sitting on the moneied empire I create, they’d be working hard doing interesting things and setting themselves up for cool lives.

Boom. Headshot. 360 no scope.

Oh…but I’d lose it all to taxes, and family moochers, and stress-spending and yada yada in reality because I don’t know fiances so the first thing I’d do is hire folks, and pay them to train me to manage my money, and then they’d fleece me subtly and then I’d hide my money in a sofa once the wool’s pulled back, and then I’d get robbed, and such because I wouldn’t know how to set up security without getting robbed nickled and dimed for worthless ‘safety’ features, and boom I’d die a sad lonely poor man because I’d feel so despondent over being fleeced, robbed, and disillusioned with my family. Alone because of how eye opening it is to see all the people jumping at the money…

Then I’d move to Africa and change my name to Dave Chappelle.