"You've been kicked from the session?" EXCUUUUUSE MEEE?


So I just played a round as Goliath, won, was cool and all. So then I’m sitting in the lobby and get a message that roughly says I’ve been kicked? Would translate more to “You’ve been exiled from this lobby.” T’was German and all, not sure what the right word would be. Well, anyways, I’ve gotten lost connections and context errors and network errors and just about anything else but never that. Is that a new feature? And if so, why the flippedy frick does it just kick me like that?


Your game spoke to you in German? That’s scary AF


Turn off you’re computer immediately. Exit the house. Call a priest and set the entire building on fire.

Once you’re safe give us a follow up.


Get an Exorcist, and a WW2 era American infantry squad to be extra safe. (Unless your German, then I guess it speaking to you in German is normal.)

Updates pls OP


After a few basic 360 headturns, I can safely say there is no case of possesion present and I simply encountered a very new error message!


Das kannst du deiner Oma erzählen!!!


Ich denke, ich werde einen Priester nennen