You've been kicked for being idle too long


So im playing a co-op game. We are down to only 1min left til monster times out and loses, and its still stage one. I decide to hit the bathroom since he is just running every timer he loses a tiny bit fo armor and come back to this ridiculous fking “you have timed out” message when I get back.

Is 1min really to long to go afk and hit the bathroom in a game that is over? Apparantently so, lol! There is no way monster can stage up to lvl 3 in less than one one min. Even if team keeps shooting him as he comes in and runs away I will be back before he can hit stage 2

I understand the need for a feature like to stop idlers, but F*UCK YOU. What an annoying way to spend a 7-17 min game that ends with the retarded ai just running and running when it has lost and your team chasing and shooting it pausing the timer here and there when you have won.

Life happens. leave a fking way to answer the door, attend to your kids or take a piss like going bot mode for a whole 75 seconds without the whole game counting for nothing and acting like you just afk’d for 8 min, instead of the 90 seconds it took you to actually deal with LIFE!


This is an argument that has been made before and the general counter argument is:

“Well if you couldn’t just allocate enough time for a match then it’s your fault.”

Which is bullshit. Something that TRS doesn’t seem to realize about this situation is that the removal of “Take A Break” and reduction of the “Idle” timer has caused more issues than it ever would’ve solved.


From what I can remember, they removed the take a break option. I believe the reason was being able to exploit it or something similar. I don’t think removing it’s entirety was the answer to that. I’m sure they’ll reimplement it eventually.


Hope they do implement something. I see a reason for not letting people afk for the most part, but one minute ffs. Especially when that one minute is the last minute of a match where the AI co op monster is only stage one with one minute left to try and evolve twice and destroy the relay…

Not even mathematically possible.

Letting your player base enjoy your game and still leaving room for the occasional life incident is ideal. Seems letting a bot take over for you for 1-3 minutes wouldn’t really be that big of a deal. Especially in co op game modes.


I can see why one might feel frustrated by this but to be fair:

  • The longer they make that AFK kick timer, the worse it affects Hunt matches. Having an AFK Medic at spawn who takes 1 full minute to be kicked is already an extremely long time. And that’s only at the most opportune moment. What if that person decides to go take a sh*t while we’re camping at the relay?

  • Bots are rerrible. Absolutely terrible. As soon as a teammate idles too long I just leave because the game is too stupid to realize you can’t win with 3 players and 1 bot.
    Having said that, a bot is still better than an AFK player. The game wants to replace that AFK player with a bot ASAP and that’s good.

You can’t please both sides on this matter. Evolve is not an objective-based arcade shooter where you can just idle at your safe spawn if you need to take a piss.
In Evolve you make up for 25% of the team and if you’re either AFK or on the dropship then your teammates temporarily don’t stand a chance.


Yes it was used to “exploit” keys however straight up removing it is the worst solution.
That’s like playing a multiplayer game with someone and they were “Noob-Tube”-ing and then they got banned from the game.

Do people like “Noob-Tube”-ing? Hell no.
Is it a mechanic in the game? Yes it is.
Is it fair to use it in a way that gives you an advantage? Yes.
Does it make sense to ban them? Hell no.

It’s. Common. Sense.


I understand 1min is an enternity in a competitive game .

In a decided game when monster is stage 1 and there is less than one minute left? That’s just fkin stupid. I was mainly pissed because game was over, there was under one min left with a stage one monster in a co op game. Which right now means monster runs in, gets shot a few times and flees. There is no possible way to lose during that 1min window that I hit the bathroom.

They also need to take into account the door ringing or kids getting hurt and needing you etc.

I don’t see how it would hurt to enable a bot to take over for you for up to 3min while you take care of something and then jump back into game. Having absolutely no recourse if you need to afk is just broken.


implement a kick function and remove the autokick…