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I understand that many people around the world use Youtube. However, the new system that they’ve implemented needs to be addressed. One of my favorite youtubers, Noble (Lost Pause), had his channel taken down at 9:47ish PM US Central time last night. He had not uploaded a single video for a week, due to a two-week upload ban, and his channel was taken down last night. This is likely due to copyright claims by Youtube’s new automated system, which is not functioning properly. It is also due to unfair strikes based off of violations to the vague Community Guidelines. He watches/discusses various anime related things, so any anime fans who haven’t heard of him probably would have enjoyed his content.

What angers me about it is the fact of how the claims were complete BS. He received strikes for content he’d uploaded almost 2 years before today. This was a community guideline violation. However, no nudity or sexual content was shown in the video. Any and all content that would’ve raised a flag was censored. Youtube should either have a Statute of Limitations, or return to the previous system (they should really do both).

Anybody who has not seen the video, check out his channel, “Lost Pause 2”. The video is the first video on his channel, and he explains what all transpired.

That said, I’m a devout fan of LP, and I am issuing an ultimatum to Youtube. They have until the beginning of July to reinstate Noble’s channel, or I will rally the LP supporters to boycott Youtube.

The other reason I’m taking such drastic steps is because of my other favorite Youtubers, Angry Joe. He was nearly taken offline as well. He’s been fighting to have the claims on his content released, and many of the companies have been helpful and cooperative. Feel free to throw in your own opinion, and join me in supporting Angry Joe, Lost Pause, and all your other favorite youtubers.


Youtube: Fair Use and Copyright


Seriously, where is the fair use?





Have you, as a Youtuber, been experiencing this as well?


The main issue at play is how fast technology moves and how unresponsive Copyright Laws are. DMCA is horrendously out of date given how fast technology is moving. DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) was instituted back in '98. Try to think of any piece of Consumer Technology that is still viable from almost 20 years ago.

The problem is the US Congress is such a clusterf&*#k that it takes forever for just important things to get through (if at all) and honestly, most of them are too old to know or care (think Sen. Ted Steven’s (R-Alaska) famous “Series of Tubes” or how Trump wants Bill Gates to shut off parts of the Internet), or they are bought by Corporations so nothing gets done.


So THAT’S why people hate politicians…


For the sake of ease, here’s Noble’s video. The link to it, anyway.

Save your Youtubers from Youtube


Lol not necessarily. The issue which makes DMCA and stuff dealing with Internet, Technology ect is that for the first time in modern history we have something that is growing exponentially!

Laws for Labor, Automobiles, Housing, Alcohol, Drugs and others are generally stable.

  • Take Drugs for example. We have recently seen a push in a lot of US States to legalize Marijuana and the rise of synthetic drugs like what you find in gas stations under “spice and incense” These are generally new trends but other than that the laws on the books don’t really need changing.

  • Now with technology you have licenses, P2P Streaming, Digital Downloads, sampling in audio tracks, Fair use, making copies for personal use vs. Piracy and Streaming Data just to name a few. A lot of these have popped up just in the last decade with the rise in User Generated Content, the Iphone, and the ever-decreasing cost of technology making every Harry, Tom and Dick a creator.

Tall order for anyone to try and regulate and fix and I applaud Youtube for trying, however it’s up to the elected bums officals to make easier rules to enforce/figure out!


The thing that’s really horrible is that on youtube everyone is guilty until proven innocent, removing monetisation for 6 months causing them to get youtube to sort it out as quickly as possible. This is why so many big youtubers are addressing this as they make a living off of youtube and every second of revenue for them counts.


Yeah. It’s always guilty until innocent nowadays. They really need to make some changes. I just hope that you (@Jev) stay up, @GrizzleMarine stays up, and have Noble and Lost Pause reinstated. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that the process usually takes months, if not years. Here’s hoping his second channel stays alive that long…




Yeah I have kept up to date with you tubes dumbass system which thankfully doesn’t effect me. (Yet)

GradeAUnderA has done good job making people aware of the issue and the CEO of you tube said they are going to do something about it. One day you tube might actually sort their shit out so good well respected channels don’t get removed and these reaction, prank, spam and in general idiotic channels get removed.


Ech I’m not the real one but thanks bud, hope Jev doesn’t stop anytime soon.


Then doesn’t this go against our constitutional rights? To quote, “All are innocent until proven guilty.” meaning the companies doing this have no right to take these videos down and YouTube has no right to have system like this in place. You don’t throw a guy in jail before his court date, so you can’t take a video down without a warning.


Somebody get this man a medal!

That’s the whole point! Youtube shuts you down before you can defend yourself, and they don’t care. They never would have done squat if we didn’t start calling for change. They would’ve just left it as is, having us being “unfairly tried” to use that metaphor. To use a well-known term, they’re becoming the “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”.

Noble should still be up and running, especially given the comparatively bad stuff that people actually have out on Youtube. One thing I want to check is to see what videos have inappropriate content, but have an advertisement before, during, or after. I really, really want to see if there’s any kind of correlation.


So what they are doing is completely unconstitutional.


In the sense of Guilty until proven Innocent, yes. And while some people could argue that they’ve chosen to use Youtube, so that they are subject to Youtube’s rules, let’s look at this realistically:

Piracy is a crime, and thus constitutional rights involving criminal justice dictates that all suspects are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Notice how innocent comes first.

However, Noble mainly got tagged for “Community Guideline Violations”. Again, take a look at the video above if you want to hear his story. It’s a hyperlink at the bottom of post 7 of this thread. Noble keeps his videos relatively clean, and he still got hit with a strike when other Youtubers just get an 18+ filter.

It’s just complete and utter bullshit.


Anybody else here familiar with KSI’s reaction to the “grapefruiting” video? That’s, if I’m not mistaken, still up. I’ve seen other Youtubers react to it, and those videos are still up.


Lost respect for him after his Evolve review.


angryjoe losing his channel would be a good thing but this issue is starting to gain momentum and hopefully youtube will actually sort their shit out. They remind me of how horrendously bad valve’s customer service is. Some competition would be a positive for both companies and their users.