YouTubers - plz share your strategy guides


Hey gang, I know we have a bunch of folks that put their stuff op on the Tube… so I want to help promote ya!!

Anyway, we have a (pinned) thread for strategy/tips which is here;

While the bulk of the thread is about forum posts that can assist folks, I have also added a link to a Playlist that I started for strategy guides etc… I wanted to add more to this each day to make it a more valuable resource for the members. And well… I figured I should be trying to support the community members as much as possible while I’m at it

If you have made strategy/tips videos, please let me know and I shall add it. To see what I’ve collected so far, the PL is here;

New Evolve Series up on the Youtubes

I have a few videos on my channel where (my teams and) I fight Wraiths and win against them all (even versus the #1 on leaderboards). But there is no real ‘commentary’ or tips/tricks. Just my perspective of how we deal with Wraiths. (and voice comms ofcourse)


Cheers @b1nge … but I am looking for actual tips/strat vids. It goes hand-in-had with the thread we have going. Feel free to drop yer channel though, I’ll have a look.


thanks man


Anyone else got some YT strat stuff?


I’m pretty sure @MaddCow has some interesting videos on his channel, he also does (or did) interactive streaming. Where viewers asked questions or wanted stuff tested out


Ya, I do this all the time.


Yea, problem being that I am looking for vids with specific tips/strats… Zac has a lot of tourney stuff etc…

But hey, since Zak is too much of a gentleman to pimp his stuff… here’s the channel for those interested (hehe… see what I did there?)

Anyway, I figure we should cross-promote each other, so I added some of the forum folks, Zak and others, to my “Featured Channels” thingie…

Oh and @b1nge ? Ya look like yers could use some dressing up as well… maybe U should have a peak at this thread :wink:


I have two mythbusting tips videos on my channel:


Yup, that’s exactly the kinda stuff I am after sir… added the two vids to the PL. Thanks. I also added to Featured Channels module…