Youtubers have more points


I was just watching a gameplay video that ghostrobo put on youtube and he seems to have loads more keys than any founder of the game has . I presume he got given loads of points so he can show off the game better but it seems a bit unfair that ive been playing most days since I bought it and only got a small number of keys.


How many keys did he have?

Founders were recently granted 27,000 keys.


235476 keys he has


Very likely a test account then, so that he can easily show off the features and skins.


If that’s true he may have been granted additional keys in exchange for helping to spread the word about Evolve.


Founders have over 300,000 keys in content alone, counting characters and skins unlocked.

So no, it’s not unfair, they can barely unlock half of what we have.


Im sure if you had a youtube channel (or twitch stream) exposing evolve to literally hundreds of thousands of viewers theyd have given you 100k keys as well to further help you show off the game.

Seriously man- Its advertising. Itd be like getting upset with Rolex because you had to buy the watch, but not only did they give it to that celebrity for free, theyre paying him to wear it too- And then sitting back and going “well they should pay me too damn it”. Its advertising.