YOUTUBE: What do YOU want to see?


I have been capturing a lot of gameplay on my Xbox One and have been uploading occasionally to my Youtube. I have seen plenty of great channels that have a great variety of videos. I want to know is there anything that we as the community of Evolve want more of? Do we want more fan tutorials? More Strategy? Commentary or Gameplay without?

If I’m going to upload footage why not upload things that people want to see but aren’t being uploaded. So tell me what do we want to see more of?


Hank Elite skin. Nobody has posted one yet


I can show you on my stream when I get home in 1 hour :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be fast asleep. Heck I should already be asleep


Grab a screen from your stream and put it up here!


If anyone wants to see Elites I’ve unlocked all of them. I can put a video showing all of them.


Do that and share it here!


Sure thing. I like Vals.


I like commentary where the commentator is explaining why they’re doing what they’re doing and throwing in some general tips.


Here is the video with all 15 Elite Skins in it. I just uploaded it so the quality is in SD until Youtube finishes processing it. It’s only 10 mins long so it shouldn’t take too long to get to HD. I comment and show one of the skins in game.