[YouTube] How to Play Maggie (Funny Guide)


Haven’t been here for a while (I blame it on summer break), but wait no more. I published today my next video in the Evolve Guide series, it isn’t a very descriptive guide, just some guidelines I wanted to give to the players in a kind of funny manner.

If you didn’t see my previous videos you can check them out on my channel.

Enjoy the great hunting performance of our beloved trapper Maggie (with a little help of Sunny).
*No Daisies were hurt during editing of this video.

How to Juke as a Hunter with tips and tricks

well done good sir. Sunny was the real MVP though :wink:


I loved this very much. Very fun to watch, and is quite informative too.

(Remember to burst fire with Maggie though! Helps a lot with damage).

I know one person who will not be happy to hear that.

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Thanks man :smile:
By burst fire you mean short bursts? Does increased accuracy make any difference when you fire by aiming sights? :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean the monster won’t be happy or just someone who is allergic to flowers? :wink:


Yep. Aim down the sights and tap the fire button rapidly. It does wonders for the accuracy. It makes it feel like Griffin’s gauss rifle. Yes, aiming down the sights increases accuracy for all hunter’s guns by quite a lot. You should always be used it, unless there’s a good reason not to (e.g. you want more spread so you can hit a banshee mine).

The not-so-secret someone has issues with Daisy’s husky exterior ;-;