Youtube Gaming Channel With Evolve Playlist


Hi guys,
If you like watching gameplay videos, take a peek at my youtube channel along with my Evolve playlist. There’s gameplay, tutorials and general fun a’plenty with more to come as I learn and try to share my knowledge with others. Comments and suggestions are highly encouraged.
If anyone wants to make gameplay videos with me you can find me in game as MGC_Morph.
I hope you enjoy my videos, don’t forget to hit the like button and subcribe if you want to see more!

Twitter: @MGC_Videos


(I just subscribed to your channel) also I I’ve got an youtube channel with some evolve (clips :frowning:)

and only 2 clips :frowning: (but uploading more soon) and longer ones :smile:

sorry if this is spamming just tell me if it is


Cool vids bro.

Also, I changed your topic to Community Content. That pertains to Youtube Videos created by Community Members. Please keep this in mind next time. Thanks.


So long as you are not directly saying, “Those are cool, but check out mine because they are cooler and you’ll love them so check them out bro I need moar subs subsubsubsub here’s my youtube account do it nao and when I say nao, I mean NAO. Okay? Okay.”, it will be fine.


Nice clips man, earned a sub from me! :smiley:
In the same boat as you Arron_T, have a channel and a few vids - for anyone interested

there it is! Dayz & Evolve!

wanna send me a link for your channel too?? I’ll check it out :smiley:

-Gotta love Bucket!!!


Im not saying mine are better mine are crap they don’t have commentary and are only 30 seconds


Thanks mate, glad you like them :slight_smile: I’ve watched some of yours and subbed too, nice vids and you got some skeelz bro! :slight_smile:


It’s not quantity but quality! At least that what the missus tells me. Hey wait a darned minute, that must mean I’ve got a tiny… ah crap!


I know, I’m saying that IF you had said stuff like that it would have been spammy advertisement, so you don’t have anything to worry about friend. :blush:


Whilst its a little off forum topic, I’m also currently doing Dying light, videos on the youtube channel and archived on
Thanks for all the replies so far, your support is greatly appreciated!