Youtube gamer


i am posting videos on my channel about games like mortall kombat x cod aw evolve lastof us remastered minecraft and more my youtube name is hohoho479


it has the fire and water picture


I think you need to restructure this post to actually feature a video you’ve done rather than coming off as self concerned promotion pointing us in a random direction.

That helps immensely with getting people in the door :wink:


ill check u out bro



this was when i started doing online


(not advertising) I also have a general gaming video I hope to bring out longer videos on my channel I do dying light cod AW titanfall EVOLVE and more (dam forgot commas ) here it is

plz don’t if IM advertising tell me and Ill dealete this comment :smile:


i do evolve last of us cod aw mortal kombat x minecraft and more and i upload daliy