[YouTube] Evolve Guide: How to Win against Sunny


To keep up with the tradition I making a topic after I made another “funny” video THIS TIME with pretty good gameplay.
You can see my previous videos in my channel, they were enjoyed by some :stuck_out_tongue:

Please comment and post suggestion, every bit of information helps. I would like to know what did you like the most or what else would you like to watch except these. High-lvl gameplay? Compilations?



This was bloody hilarious. + 10 000 000 points.


Please do more videos with the commentary… Only 0:45 in, and already like you. ^.^
You know what, I’ll give you the sub since Hyde asked nicely. :wink:


I am glad you liked it and I appreciate the sub!
While it will take some time to publish next video, check out my previous submissions, you should like them as well :wink:

Hyde was nice only because you subbed, your face would get melted otherwise :smile:


Dem pubs. Losing to a Goliath with 3 in Flame Breath at Stage 1 of all things :weary:

But that was very funny :smiley:


Did you ever played against it? Add CD reduction buff to it and you will have a bad day :stuck_out_tongue:
Skywraith with 3 in Warp Blast (aoe on it is HUGE) and CD perk is GG.

Im glad you have liked it :slight_smile:


gobi pls :cry:


As I mentioned before “Skywraith with 3 in Warp Blast (aoe on it is HUGE) and CD perk is GG.”
I have it on the video. Check out the new topic! :smiley: