[YouTube] Evolve Guide: How to Become Skywraith GAMEPLAY - just in time for Hyde vs Wraith Weekend Challenge


Just in time for Hyde vs Wraith challenge I would like to share my personally favorite Skywraith build which won me many early stage fights.

The secret is to skip the Abduction and take 3x Warpblast (area of effect on it is HUUUGE) and 15% Damage Perk at the start of the game. Follow the guide to secure the Voodoo skin for our favorite monster! Check out the clip!

Background on the gameplay: I have played a couple of games in a row against these guys, previously I fought as Behemoth and won. Hunters were mad and went full damage! Nevertheless my Skywraith build is pretty successful even against more defensively oriented teams.

Shoutout to the Hunter players:
Put a Bit of Stick About
I had a great time playing with and against you!

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Another video of yours, glad to see it. ^.^

I feel icky, isn’t that from Hearthstone? o.O


Spot on! I enjoy playing Hearthstone as well :smile:


Tora#1617 is my BT. ^.^
I like to collect the cards. Only have 19 legendary cards atm though.


I have sent you an invitation! :wink: We could play some time in the future, I will gladly test out some decks on you :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t have a clue how many legendaries I have, but a decent collection for sure. I was in “nolife” mode back in the beta, so I grinded arena a bit, I had 10k gold pilled up before GvG :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the the vid was funny to see it :wink: