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Merging two threads

Care to see some gameplay? o.O

I’ve been on the hunt for more evolve footage as I’ve exhausted and rewatched all the official footage. I figured I would make a thread to keep track of all the different channels on youtube that have evolve footage on them. Hopefully anyone with evolve footage on their channel can post the link here and I can add it to this first post to keep track of some good sources of evolve videos.

This applies to new posters and old.

So the reason I have tagged you is because this has become a bit of a mess as it’s grown since I started it. In the next week or so (maybe longer lmao) I play to really rework this thread to be more accessible. First I plan to break i down into sections: Streaming/ full games, game play advice/tips, and then general evolve content. I would also like to add brief descriptions about the different channels and what they have to offer.

Instead of me write dozens of (shitty) descriptions about your channel how about you write me one (good) description of your channel and the type of content you will be offering. Also, please designate which category you would like to fall under (open to suggestion on possible categories here too…) or multiple. If you want to be under multiple categories it would be nice if you could provide different links to those parts of your channel, but you could use the one link as well.

Finally, if I get enough of a response I will consider making this a double utility page and also feature a section for Twitch streamers and their channels. Let me know what you all think.

  1. Does’t overlay music or other peoples voices.
  2. DOES upload full 1080p 60fps and live commentary (9/10 videos have commentary).
  3. DOES use custom thumbnails on videos.
  4. DOES use all monsters and WINS, badass wins, comeback wins against good hunters, down to the wire matches like in the pre game trailers.
  5. DOESN’T stream because his upload speed is garbage.
  6. Believes in teamwork, communication and the power of friendship."


@MaddCow has a channel with hours and hours of footage, some of which is actually pretty good.


42 videos here of me mainly playing Goliath

This is the best game I recorded:


I agree, I’ve watched a lot of @MaddCow footage. I have to admit one thing though that for whatever reason really bugged me while watching his vids. There were quite a few vids as lazarus when he was sniping from long distance, usually to guard the end objective. He was bouncing ALL OVER THE PLACE lol. Monster was no where near him, out of smell range and clearly in no danger of being spotted and yet he was jigging left, back, right, up, and down while trying to land snipe shots. Frustrated me a bit, wanted to yell at the screen “SIT %$#*ing STILL !!!” lol. I’m willing to bet he doesnt even realize he’s doing it, muscle memory to never stay still during a FPS. Not trying to rag on him though, just venting lol. His footage is really good and has provided hours of entertainment.


Thanks for the positive feedback. Ya, it’s most likely remnants from Counter Strike when I used to play professionally. Funny that you mention it because I didn’t really realize I was doing it. Doesn’t seem to make much sense either because the Monster can’t shoot :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully my videos work for you. I’ve got 168 games all divvied up across Hunter/Monster as well as my pre-made group. I also have the raw footage if you are looking for extra talking between missions. The first Raw Video footage has only 3 games in the 2.5 hours of footage due to servers melting :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. I’ve added both your playlists to the post. Looking forward to watching some later :slight_smile:


Will watch some :smile:
More hype !


I love how evolve came just in time for 60fps youtube vids


Ye , just in time :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is my channel, I dont have a ton of vids, but I tried to make sure they were fun/interesting matches


My videos didn’t record properly… there is a lot of ghosting that makes the video quality look HORRIBLE!.. im so bummed, but i am uploading them anyway.

You dont have to link my channel. As of right now the evolve videos are not what i want them to be :frowning:
Hopefully i will be able to fix my recording issues after the official launch


Just remind me when you do want to be on there.


I have a channel here with about 10 videos so far on an Evolve playlist;

I’ve got more videos, but I’ve been trying to weed through and select the interesting and relevant videos (rather than ones where I wander gormlessly for 15 minutes on my own before being killed as a hunter).


Ok, if i don’t forget in 2 months i will post on this thread again when the game launches :smiley:


Here is my playlist:


Alright up to 6 sources! Who else lurking out there has some good videos they’ve posted???


Omfg what is that Daisy video where you’re in first person!!!


I have a habit of breaking any game I play… I don’t know how, but I always do. Just like my Saints Row 3 videos:


I was like “wtfing” along with you watching the trailer lol.