YouTube ads being weird


Anyone else getting this thing where YouTube ads are in a random language? I’ve had 2 adverts in some (presumably) European languages and another was in Norwegian. So, maybe it’s only a Europe thing? Idk what’s going on.


I assume its youtube’s advertisers getting an ad on a video from their country.
Ive met with the same shit lately, thats my only explenation


But the ads are literally the same adverts as English versions. It’s just got a different language voice/title on it. Like for example, I was watching Siege Pro League a few days ago, and I got an advert for the new Siege documentary. Makes sense. Cookies and all that. But the first time I saw it it was in English, and the next time it was the exact same ad except a different language.


like i said, different hosts.
Some videos, when published in a certain country will get those ads.
I dont know much else tbh.
Might be becouse they dont tag their videos with a single country, they tag it as international or just tag the countries that are competing.

I assume it works that way, becouse when your phone recognises you’ve crossed a border, youtube will automatically translate video titles into that country’s language, even when your language is set to english.


I run adblock