You're playing Medic


What’s your go-to medic and what comp. do you prefer?

For me, it would have to be:

Medic- Slim
Support- Hank
Trapper- Maggie or WL Maggie
Assault- Parnell


Top 3 medics:

No real biggy, don’t really care, as long as we communicate clearly


Are you OK with me adding a poll?


you’re more than welcome to!


Your go to medic.

  • Val
  • RVal
  • Laz
  • Caira
  • Slim
  • Emet

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Emet all the way!! :emet:


My favourit Medic is :lazarus: but since his Automatic Leach Gun Buff i really love to play :slim: he is my new Hunt 2.0 Main now xD


I mostly play as monster but when i play as a hunter it will always be as the medic…mostly because my teammates usually suck (i play quickplay on ps4)
My prefered medic in hunt is lazzzzz…still alot of monsters have trouble dealing with it and i like the feeling i get when i resurrect someone and the monster did all that damage for nothing ^^, also when teammates die from wildlife (happens alot -.-’) we still have no disatvantage when we encouter the monster…
Also when i play arena mode i will choose emet since its a nice healer and he can bring back teammates if they die…wich is still a bit unfair in arena mode i.m.o…but this usually only works on noob monsters since they dont know what the respawn beacon does…
In defend i usually go for rogue val since i think she is a really good healer and can keep herself alive very well…but sometimes i go for emet also…
I see alot of ppl use lazarus in defend but i dont think that is very usefull since hunters dont get strikes when they respawn in the dropship and you need a good healer since the monster is already stage 3 at the beginning of the match.
Also i always use the health regen perk (also with rogue val) because i think a medic needs to stay alive as much as posible for us to win a match!

Anywayz thats my theory on this ^^,


Slim is the best!!! The way he is play style is the most fun out of all. The constant HBs feels awesome::smile:


For me it’s emet. I find him the most fun to play as. :slightly_smiling:


usually go with slim nowadays although emet is my favorite, but sometimes it depends on what support picks. if they’re going full damage i usually pick laz or (r!)val. slim is definitely the strongest medic for me right now, especially with hank.


:medic: :emet: :medic:
:support: :bucket: :support:
:trapper: :jack_mask: :trapper:
:assault: :markov_bl: :assault:


Surprised nobody picked Caira, and I never see her anymore. She’s not UP?


She doesn’t have a wow factor anymore so she goes ignored.

Val is still bae.:heart_eyes:


Did she ever have a wow factor? Aside from the beta.


Her self sustainability was the wow, now she’s just boring.


First of all, OMFG Ive been gone FOREVER! I missed these forums! Ive been playing so much Evolve to the point I was never on this. Lol

Anyway, Caira has, like, nothing in the polls. Of course Vals on top. Funny to think Val used to be a pretty bad medic in terms of healing.

My go to medics are eithier Caira, Slim, or Val. I dont like Laz, and Slims ok. But insects creep me out! :healingdrone:


[quote=“bobby, post:15, topic:84498”]
Did she ever have a wow factor?[/quote]

She looks beautiful.


I think you mean :lazarus: but we’ll forgive you.