You're not Val


I successfully managed to spawn as a colonist! Complete with Parnell Shotgun, Hyde Minigun, Assault Personal Shield, and no medic. The following fight was a catastrophe.

Happened on PC. No clue what caused it. Joined mid game after having just left the game that I had just joined prior ;p joined as a downed val, left, waited at the requeue timer, came back in as a spectator(everyone down but assault), and then…screenshot. I was last man standing, but the game didn’t care and awarded the monster victory anyways xD

Violet named player

I can confirm this glitch…happened in a game I played as well. PC. No medic=dead team, heh. Was neat seeing the Ebonstar soldier wielding those weapons though!


same here happened to me during a nest match in evacuation not sure what happened to cause it though sadly (i think someone left??)


Today on, “Top Ten Weirdest Glitches!”


In a way though…that’s pretty cool, lol.


Yeah, I was in Sledge’s game when it happened. Strange; shouldn’t happen. Made some EPIC screenshots though :laughing:
PC - Dead Medic


This happened to me too. I was playing as Val, then suddenly I was disconnected. So I tried to reconnect Only to fly in with the dropship and respawn as an ebonstar soldier.

As you can see there’s a Parnell right there, and me with the Parnell shotgun and Hyde minigun as well as a shield.

I hope this bug is fixed soon.


I think it has something to do with the map. If hunters win then they are supposed to get an EbonStar soldier. Makes sense since we were playing evac


We were playing hunt in our game though


That is not as bad as it could be, having a second assault with a cross over of loadouts


Hmm playable character, surprise?


Yeah, but no medic to heal us :c


Tier 4 Ebonstar Assault confirmed.


Happened to me too once. I played as him instead of MArkov! Weird.


It must be a pilot of that ship. Maybe he just gave an exhausting night to Val and Caira, then realized what he’s done, felt responsibility and jumped into a fight to at least somehow compensate for missing medics. That doesn’t explain where is Lazarus though… or what?


I can confirm that its not exclusive to medic, one game assualt was swapped out for him


Had this happen to me multiple times joining a game when either trapper or medic left.


That is so wild! So the loadout is a minigun and shotgun + assault shield? So strange!


Oh good, so I’m not crazy. I had this too, tonight on PC.


Welp, got the weird bug as well. :open_mouth: