Your worst start and best finish ? (of a match)


I think I had both - today.

Started match sneaking away, but on a second meal birds appeared. Panicked a bit, and rushed to hide. Unluckily the way was blocked by Armadon - I got first hit. There was no space to walk around him, so I tried to climb a building. Got anohter hit from him and a bug (?) made me fall. Used traversal then, but again dropped down from this building - got about 2 more hits. Finally passed the Armadon - just to drop in a herd of THREE mammoth birds LOL. Got another three hits.
When finally managed to make some distance - I was left with about 75% health …and it was like 25…30th second of the match … :skull:

On another match though I had sexy finish: I was playing Gorgon - with gold skin. Just a moment before last hunter - Hyde - got down he set me on fire with his flamethrower. During the final animation - monster roarrring - golden Gorgon was still burning, looked awsome! :sunglasses:


My worst and best finish both include Jack. I was Wraith and was fighting the hunters and had escaped with very little health during Hunt. I hid in some bushes and 3 of the four hunters walked at least 5 meters right past me. I questioned who was missing, and then BAM! Satellite Survey! Also, I was Jack on Arena during sudden death with a Gorgon. I couldn’t see the monster and used my Satellite Survey for the win…lol

EDIT : I misunderstood/misread that we were to post our worst start…lol


Best finish: It was a few days after I first started playing, I was MG and I was destroying the power relay on Weather Control. The Hunters were all the T1 variants. Daisy had my scent. She knew where I was. But she turned away from me and didn’t go towards me. I ended up destroying the relay and got the Darwinism trophy.
Worst start: I was Goliath and I had little health left and no armor at Stage 1. I attacked a Tyrant. The Tyrant and I fought, and we killed each other at the same time.


Sit down children and I will tell you a tale of a great battle!

I joined a game and took over the bot of a stage 1 goliath with very little health left. I was luckily able to sneak around a bit and stage up with no problem. Sweet, a bit more health and damage. I got caught in a dome where I discovered they had Kala on their team. Shit. Not good when I already have as little health as I do. I mitigated damage the best I could and just waited the dome out since I wanted to go check for health regen perk. But my health was still very low at the end of the dome.

No health regen. Poop. I head back towards the relay and suddenly spot one of Kala’s teleporters. I move towards it, not really sure if I should destroy it or wait for a lone hunter to pop out of it. Before I have time to think, Kala pops out of it! I fire my flamebreath from a distance to destroy the portal and keep Kala visible if she should try to cloak. I rock throw her and finish her off with a leap smash before her team has a chance of getting there. They arrive shortly after I’ve downed her. She’s still alive.

I fight for my life. My armor is dwindling as I fight off the rest of the hunters. I finish the medic off, and afterwards just barely manage to hit the trapper with a rock throw before he/she could revive Kala. Trapper goes down. The only one left is assault and my armor is gone. I finish with a leap smash followed by a stealth pounce.

Best monster fight I’ve ever had. I’m usually a hunter player, so this really got the adrenaline flowing for me!


Worst start:
Goliath: was trying to kill an albino sloth to get a help for an eventual stage 1 dome, the sloth takes me out all the armor and 1 health bar, and just when i killed it, i get domed, the corpse decays and i survive with half bar of health and i die later on stage 2 few minutes later the evolution.

Best finish:
Bob: Killed 3 hunters, support is fleeing, 10 seconds remaining on timer, i win the game without knowing what happened. Post game the player tells me he was low health and stepped in a plant by accident.


wow… I feel definitely outbid ! :wink:


no probs :slight_smile:


Worst Start - Trapper was Maggie, on Wraith trap. I ran right past an Albino Sloth, Albino Mammoth Bird and Albino Tyrant. I hate Wraith Trap because the buffs are so condensed…

Best Finish - Armory - leaping towards the relay. Just enough to get the Leap Smash. Leap Smashed into the group, and I just got in the zone with it. They didn’t even crack the armor. :smile:


Worst start: Attempting to juke a Hunter team stage one only to be detected by a cloaked Support in the first minute of the match.

Best Finish: Was getting beaten up as Wraith, Hunters were at the relay, managed to Abduct an unsuspecting Trapper looking over the edge of the Fusion Plant, GG from that point. They would have definitely won if it wasn’t for that little slip-up. Everything went downhill for them from that point:


Worst Start: Joining in as a stage 3 Goliath with 1/2 a bar of health and no armor with 1:20min on the clock.

Best Finish: Killing the Hunter team, that had no strikes, with that Goliath in under 30secs.


my worst mach but best finish was when I was playing custom arena with people so I go bob as he is my main when I got the game and I love him, and the hunters are laz throws table hyde hank throws another table and jack.

first game I get wreaked but that was ok I haven’t played monster in awhile. Next game almost got destroyed I killed everyone except hank and he was somehow escaping me so it ended up as a tie alright I was starting to get annoyed. They were like “yes one more and we win!” as it was four rounds I sat there pissed off I didn’t want to lose with my main. Next round I killed laz haha! then I killed hyde, then jack all that was left was hank so I was like I ain’t having that tie shit and lose so I kill tongue grabed him and kill him :smiley:. last round whoever wins this one wins the game I kill off jack yay! I was able to eat the body again yay! I kill of hyde and was able to eat his body. then laz. then I felt like being a douche and taunting by evolving. Now people make mistakes by evolving in arena not me I am smart get into cover and evolve and armor up. sudden death! I first trick him into using the orbital then I chase him. he was at low health and so was I as I got into a orbital but managed to get out. It was almost a tie if I didn’t tongue grabed him at three seconds. I won!

I may edit if it misspell something


Why would you not try to get the buff? It’s freaking health regen.


Because I was Stage 1 and had full health? Can’t really waste time killing an albino tyrant and giving away my position that early. Worst START, remember? :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see,
Worst start: All of them.
Best finish: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…


Worst start: A really long time ago, while I was playing as my best Medic, Laz, I was stuck with a team of Determining Ranks. (Facepalm) All of them. Didn’t realize it until the last moment. And the Monster was a gold-skilled Kraken. o_O

Best finish: Playing as Gorgon, my beautiful Zola skin, got a Hunter stuck with a Spider-trap, separated two other Hunters, pounce-attacked the other from a wall, killed him. Blasted the Spider-trap snared one with some acid, killing him. A web to slow the last two down, more Spider-trap, another pounce, some more acid. All as Stage One. I hope I humiliated them. That was pathetic. C:


About 1 minute in, we separate to look for behemoth, trapper goes off and gets stuck in a plant. When we free him behemoth shows up and kills him. At this point I’m slim and somehow I slide off a cliff into behemoth and now dead trapper. Assault then dies after me, and Kala runs away.

Worst ending would be me and monster have no hp left, so one shot then someone dies, I’m assault and the only one left, monster slips away before I shoot him one more time, I am forced to run away, monster then attacks the relay, when I try to go get him off, a reaver runs up behind me and slaps me. There was also 5 seconds on the dropship.