Your worst flaw as a Monster/Hunter?


Title. When you play as a Monster and as a Hunter, what do you think is your worst, most awful, fatal flaw?

As a Monster mine would have to be my overconfidence. Sometimes I get arrogant and think I can get a few strikes at Stage One, engage the team and lose all but a bar of my health, crawl away, evolve and then win by playing seriously. :confused:

As a Hunter, it would have to be my hand. My left hand has some nerve damage because I managed to impale it like a decade ago and now it gets random tremors, and I misclick some buttons…Opening the map when I want to go left, hitting Personal Cloak instead of W…It’s cringeworthy.

Paging @SalazaarXionon, @Rapterror and @Magik_boom because I want to know your weaknesses. :grinning: I know Shin will find this thread anyway, so yeah.


You shoot lightning strikes as hunter? What the hell man.


As monster- I AM FIRE!
I should probably go rearmor but no way, I can totally survive on 1 bar of health.
Hunter- I get juked.
A lot.
Also I feel the need to follow around Sunny chanting “Praise the sun, Praise the sun”
And I always follow Val around.
For reasons.
Oh and for both sides, I walk into every frickin Mammoth Bird on the damn map at least once -.-


It applies to Monsters as well. Okay, how about hitting Speed Boost instead of going straight? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Quirkly Yeah. I tell myself I can totally win this on a bar of health! I got this.


Monster: I sneak 70-80% of the time even while running away from hunters that have spotted me. Give or take it either works out and they run past me once I hide, or they keep me in their sights and I get heavily damaged…

Hunter: I’m always using my jetpack when I don’t need to and when it comes to an arena skirmish, I usually can’t dodge most attacks unless I’m far away or using the jetpack recharge perk from an albino… Most cases I’m trying to keep close enough as medic to heal my team and I get singled out, or as Assault I’m always up close and cant dodge the attacks… So yeah… I’m a bad Evolve player :stuck_out_tongue:


Overcommitting as monster. Just want that liiiittttttlle bit more damage in. Then suddenly, what the hell where’d my health go? shakes head Happens more than I’d care to admit haha.

As a hunter I’ve removed “landing in random plants when jetpacking off ledges” lately from my repertoire which is nice. I do still tend not to switch enough on my weapons though for different ranges and utilities I reckon.


A monster, which I hardly ever play, my worst flaws would be that I love fighting and rock throw too much, stage 1 3 rock throws fights won’t get you far at level 40

As hunter, probably team placement if I’m not medic/hank, I tend not to notice it too much so if my teams doing and I don’t really notice


Oh yeah, I’m also not sure about team placement and I just go all out to do my job in whatever class I’m using… Usually ends up me getting downed, failing my team mates… >.< lol @MidnightRoses you might wanna change “pressing the wrong button and shooting lighting strikes” for your hunters, and say switching weapons or something :slight_smile:


Yeah…Yeah I should. But I’m so lazy…


@-@ Fine leave it for now, it’s kinda funny anyway.


I changed it, too late. ^.^


:expressionless: But I’m so lazy

Inward sigh


Yeah, but I did it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Making you so not lazy. Oh well, at least you’re not suddenly shooting lightning strikes as a hunter lol…

Shooting lightning strikes… A delayed firing weapon… Weaker then Oribital strike but slower then Torvalds Mortars… hmmm ideas, ideas. shoots a beacon which takes 2 seconds until the damaging effect comes along much like orbital… hmmm I need my notebook…


As monster being on my phone when the hunters are shown, and so I sneak away stage one taking my time only to find Daisy has crawled right up my arse and I’m in a stage one engagement :laughing:


Ah, that, a classic mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:


Val it’s probably refusing to put my sniper rifle away in favour of healing when I’m clearly failing to hit the monster… NEXT time I’ve gots this miss sonofa…

Caira it’s sometimes healing people with fire…

Hank - always managing to orbital Laz.

Monster, it’s probably tunnel vision.


This is so true. :joy:

Yeah…Start focusing one guy too hard and next thing you know you’re on no armor and low health with a fresh dome on your head…


I have done this so many times with Caira that I can only laugh and say “be cleansed in fire my team!” before switching over to the proper nades feeling bad… :confused:


I keep being wasteful with my jetpack or stamina.

Like, what the hell. You would’ve thought I got used to it after 150 hours, but nooooo…