Your wishes for the next console generation? - PS5 / Xbox 4


Hey guys,
what you would like to see on the next console generation PS5 / Xbox 4. My biggest wishes for the next console generation would be:

  • Every game can reach 60 FPS without struggles (Settings: High).
  • Upgradeable Hardware (Evolution Kits like Samsung with TVs) or at least a basic ($400), premium ($600) and deluxe version ($900)
  • Gamepads/Controller like Steam-Controller (purchasable as additional).
  • Standardized gamepad settings, Configure it one time in your Console-OS and it feels in every game the same.
  • More basic feature of the Console OS like Copy/Paste…
  • Awesome would be if Sony or Microsoft would release the Console Operating System for the PC, then we would have all features from the PC like Upgradeable Hardware and we can enjoy all PSN/Xbox features on the PC. Play PS4/Xbox on your PC. Of course you have to boot the PSN OS and not Windows.
  • PS4: Improved PSN stability and OS stability! Xbox is already a step ahead.
  • More Cross-Platform with PC, PS4 and Xbox
  • Lower prices for games (discs) but no DRM like Steam. I like my Steelbook Editions.
  • And sure awesome games (like Evolve)
  • At least a 2 TB HDD

I do not know more at the moment but I will edit this post, if I have new ideas :smiley:
So guys what are your biggest wishes for the next console generation?


Well just wanted to say Xbox did confirm that the Xbone won’t be their last console, but PS hasn’t said anything yet.


Both companies will bring a new consoles in the next 3 - 5 years. But what are your wishes / expectations about the new consoles in the future?


Honestly for them both to be equal and the console fanboys that say a company is better than the other ends. I would like to see a lot more of the things we can do on PC on the next-next-gen consoles. :stuck_out_tongue:


^ This right here.

Most of my friends have a PS4 but I much prefer my Xbox One. I’d love to play Battlefront with them :pensive:


More special controllers as well! The Xbox elite controller was a genius idea, would love to see it somehow on PS4 or the next-generation.


Yes true. This post is not about what is better, its about what are your wishes for the next console generation, no matter which platform.

Yes. This would be nice.

Yes, I would love to see a Controller like Steam-Controller on console.


just make the game look and feel like what you promise us gamer that’s all i ask.


I’m hoping for the next big step.

Like from ps2 to ps3.
With the ps3 came new standards like wireless controllers, full HD, Bluray, online multiplayer ect. I remember my first game on ps3 on my parent’s new full HD TV. Damn those graphics were unbelievable (the intro from MotorStorm <- that was EPIC). There was already online multiplayer on ps2, but only on ps3 it became as important as it is today.

Then came ps4 and somehow, there was nothing new. Better graphics, ok, party chat, ok, but all in all I could just keep playing on ps3 and wouldn’t miss anything.

I’m hoping for something completely new. Maybe native support for 4k VR headsets. Maybe a full OS so you could use it like a computer (installing third-party software, editing Excel sheets ect).
Something that I would tell my friends: “OMG you have to try this […] on the new ps5! You’ll never want to go back to ps4 ever!”


And here I am, waiting for the new Nintendo console so they put some Pokemon games on it. Getting really tired of Sony and Microsoft’s shit.

Sony promised to always have free online MP interactions, which a blatant lie now that they charge for PS Plus, which is actually worse than Xbox Live, so there is absolutely no reason to stay PS when their product is exactly the same, but they haven’t stepped up their game whatsoever. The only truly unique thing Sony now has to offer is BluRay, and I can get one of those and install it on my PC.

Microsoft just likes to make it so that you have to buy their products in order to use all of them to their full potential. Kind of irritating to have Windows ask me where my Xbox is so I can connect to it. Honestly, that’s my only issue with them. Not bad at all, really.

I’d like to see PSN free again, but Microsoft should really tone down with the reliance on their other products.


I’m sure we would all like this, but realistically we’re lucky that AAA games are only $60 for the standard edition. They should be closer to $100 because of how much game development costs today.


I am kinda at the point where I would like prices to go up, and maybe have less DLC thrown at us by all games now. I mean the new Lego Avengers game had a season pass. That just seems odd to me.


Why was that odd


I just don’t think Lego game should have DLC. Lego games like this are based off movies, so what is the DLC on? stuff they keep out of the game for DLC, or something that has nothing to do with the Avengers?


Or stuff that has nothing to do with the movie


I find myself really hoping that the Nintendo NX outshines the other consoles by a wide margin, although Nintendo’s past efforts make me think that this is unlikely. I’m starting to get really tired of this console wars crap. I’d love for someone to mix it up a little.


A console that isn’t outdated when it launches (or a few months later, I want a console that will be at the top of its game)


Just seems unnecessary is all.

@del009 I would like to see this as well, but I just don’t think it will happen Nintendo doesn’t seem to like a lot of third party developers.


I hope with the next xbox i don’t have to deal with flipping batteries


The batteries die fast