Your toughest boss battle?


Have you ever had a boss battle so extraordinarily terrible that you would rather fight an MLG Pro Wraith with a bad team until you win? Or it is equally as frustrating?

I can name ten boss battles off of the top of my head. Terraria: 3 (you know which ones I’m talking about, post WoF), Dragon Age 2: 3 (The end bosses of chapters 2 and 3 ;)) Undertale: 4 (You know whom I’m talking about you genocide players, you!)

Honestly, I’d rather get eaten by a Behemoth than get dunked on…


The wesker boss battle in Resident Evil 5 was SO HARD! But then cheat codes were born :smiling_imp:


Oh, does a bot Goliath count? If it does then that would be number 1.


Oh of course! :smiley:


Lol that beast is better than most human players! Don’t EVER play medic against this untamable monster!


Patapon 3 the final boss, the second time you fight it. It’s infuriating failing to even reach it because all those traps.

Terraria bosses? Nah, those guys are easy. [and I played the mobile version which is even more difficult.]

Metroid Prime

Oh! The tank from L4D. Not really a “boss” but still… fighting one always makes my heart race.


Dark Souls 2: Lud & Zallen

Any of Rogue Legacy’s optional bosses.

Wait! Is it too late to change my answer to this! Lol.


The boss can be beaten in under 30 seconds with the right gear, speedrunners have done so. Great boss.


I’m talking about those metal Twins, World Eater, and Skeletron Prime. I’m a straight healer/wizard so it’s impossible for me to kill them without my tank-sister beside me. ;-;

Yeah there are plenty of creatures that were extremely difficult to beat. Skyrim: Legendary Dragon. Alduin himself couldn’t be bothered to have that much power… which is pretty sad.


Im a noob when it comes to that game. It took me multiple tries to do it, had to get a buddy to do it for me cuz i was just done trying at that point XD


Try playing on mobile, where the controls suck and the game crashes every half hour. Killed Skeletron Prime and got cool stuff. Nope. Got the Golem fist? Nope. Crash. All your work gone. Still angry it deleted all my things.


Ouch! I’m sorry to hear that! I totally forgot about the Golem fist. I don’t think I’ve attacked anything but the Wasp Queen and that plant vine monster in the Jungle. I forgot that one’s name but it took me a while to murder it.

I just haven’t gotten the materials… and I stopped playing it years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Cackletta!
Man that was a nightmare!


Through The Fire And Flames Expert Guitar Hero 3.


SSB. Melee Master Hand and Crazy Hand.


Omg. You brought back a horribly suppressed memory from my childhood. I was stuck on it as a kid for like a week! It was hard enough beating one stage, but to go on and discover it was a multi-stage battle with the checkpoint being at the beginning of stage 1?! This boss is meme-worthy levels of difficult.

That was absolutely brutal for a mario game (albeit an awesome RPG take on it). Thinking back, I’m not sure how kids were expected to beat that battle. It was unforgiving if your timing was poor.


Undyne The Undying is much harder than sans imo.

This wasn’t necessarily my most hated boss to fight, but I love it so much.


Hmm… nah. I’d rather not fight Undyne or Sans. That’s why I go pacifist in every game I play. If no pacifist, then healer. I cant’ fight for crap.


The Lingering Will from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Dear god it doesn’t die.


Dark Crafter from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Many tears were shed fighting this boss.