Your top monster choice for that map


What monster do you pick for certain maps that give you trouble? Now I realize how ridiculous it is to ask you to do your monster picks for every map in the game (Somebody will though). So instead tell me some of your favorite monsters for some of your (un)favorite maps.


Broken Hill Foundry- Gorgon/Behemoth

Broken Hill Mine - Behemoth (Straight to the venom hound caves :smiling_imp:)

Wraith Trap- Meteor Goliath(Sooooo fast!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Aviary- Kraken/MG/Behemoth

Distillery- Kraken/Gorgon (So many effing trees :sob:)

Medlab- MG/Gorgon

P.S.- I’m sorry ok… I’m that one guy who likes the Broken hill maps


I didn’t think it existed someone who likes broken hill maps.


I love those maps!


Broken Hill Foundry- Goliath

Broken Hill Mine - Goliath

Wraith Trap- Goliath
Aviary- Goliath

Distillery- Goliath

Medlab- Goliath

You get it.


You really like Wraith, don’t you?


It could use a little sprucing up but i love the claustrophobic, layered feel of Foundry and the expansive and large feeling of Mine that has like several different biomes like Aviary. Their extremely difficult and intense maps and the relays have enough different angles so the hunters can really choose what kind of environment they want to engage in on each map as long as their not fighting behemoth


I take it you’re a big Kraken fan then? :wink:


Ugh one name, Wasteland Maggie

First time i burned a Wraith through the cloak i was like… Damn boy… it’s gonna be a hard meta for you huh?


Love her, not a fan of sneaky tactics.


Actually I am 3rd most played character, mags is #2.


I mean if you like them that is all that counts. I get what you a saying I guess I just have to many bad memories to like them at this point.

@TheMountainThatRoars And you love those maps? I didn’t think anyone liked them guess I was off the mark.


I know what you mean though. As a monster when you get whooped on the broken hill maps it feels like they really meant it… and the matchmaking has a tendency to load it right back up after you get thoroughly whooped


I don’t mind them much. I quite like og goliath or behemoth on mine and gorgon on foundry. I don’t play monster much though.


Behemoth on both Broken maps, maybe wraith on foundry.

Fusion plant - Kraken or Wraith

Distillery - Behemoth or Wraith

Wraith trap - Wraith

Refueling Tower - Behemoth or Kraken

Armory - Behemoth

Orbital Drill - Behemoth or Kraken

Rendering Plant - Wraith

Aviary - Behemoth

Medlab - Behemoth or Wraith


I think the idea and art behind them is really epic but just doesn’t cut it for an enjoyable map as Monster.
Hunters I have no problem just can’t grasp it for monster feels so unbalanced and pressurising against good hunters.


Sombody who gets it :smile: yay!!!

@GrizzleMarine I’m only a Silver expert scrub with like 200 monster matches so i can’t really speak to facing tournament level hunters only getting wrecked by them. Broken hill mine to me is the worst cause you literally enter/exit each Biome through 1 of 3 entrances… Kala anybody? Foundry though, I love that map and its hard for me to understand how such a claustrophobic and multilayered map could be anything but monster favored in 3/4 rushed domes. The relay is the worst though. Cause theirs literally a specific area to fight each monster and make their lives hell. I don’t know… I just love winning on those maps… It just feels right man


I just remember being so pumped for the broken hill maps than they came out. I played a few matches with monster on them, and said “those sucked but maybe it was just because they are hunter favored” (plays a few as hunters) “no no they just aren’t good.”


I haven’t played much monster since coming back, but I hate these maps as hunter and monster.


Broken Hill Foundry - Wraith/Behemoth
Broken Hill Mine - Gorgon/Behemoth
Armory - Wraith/Gorgon
Medlab - Wraith/Kraken
Barracks - Behemoth/Goliath
Aviary (I hate that map) - Kraken/Behemoth/Gorgon
Rendering Plant (another map I hate) - Kraken/Wraith
Fusion Plant (don’t like the layout) - Wraith/Goliath
Wraith Trap - Wraith/Gorgon

'Bout it in terms of the maps I enjoy playing.


Lol I feel like it was the opposite for me

but then again i love all those maps that make people go “ugh”… Except Dam… God I hate that map Had this one team go Blitz Markov, Bucket, Maggie and hide Lazarus behind the old relay… I was not a happy Kraken