Your top animated films!


Sooo, what’s your favourite animated film? Give me lots of good recommendations please :slight_smile:

My current favourite would have to be Big Hero 6, or HTTYD =D


Tinkerbell: The Legend of the Neverbeast.

One of the few animated movies to actually make me cry. Damn good for never having a theatrical release. Not sure about favorite, but it’s the one I’m least tired of. That and Totoro!


You’re my wife’s new best friend.


Inside Out was really good. Up is great. Both Kung Fu Pandas were great. The Toy Story trilogy.
There some movies to watch.


Spirited away, princess mononoke, and The great mouse detective to just name a few


Woohoo! Thanks for all the suggestions so far :smiley:
I will be sure to check them all out!


Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited away.


Isn’t that still in cinemas?
Am really looking forward to seeing it either way :slight_smile:


Spirited Away… Nuff Said


I think he’s talking about this one. :wink:


Oooooh, haha :wink:
Damn that’s weird, lol


Sensing a recurring theme, lol. Will definitely put this at the top of my watch list!!


You lie.
I’m watching you.


Remember I SAID IT FIRST!! :wink:


Spirited Away, as people have said. It is one of the best anime films I have seen. However, there are some more great ones, and I think once I list them people will begin to see my taste in anime films.

So, I LOVE Atmospheric films. This 3 films, had me hooked. The plot is REALLY hard to follow at times, takes awhile to get into but the pure atmosphere is amazing. There are 3 films, however, if you get hooked, I have to warn you, each film took 2-3 years to make… So, don’t expect number 4 any time soon. :crying_cat_face: Evangelion 1, 2 and 3.

This next one, once again amazing atmosphere, better story and heart-breaking love story that just seems to come out of nowhere. Great tale of friendship, regret and love. The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

Another great one, The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Great tale, amazing art style.

There are also some AMAZING animated series I know of if you want some more! If you don’t want to commit to waiting for more episodes, I can give ya some that have finished. Sadly. :crying_cat_face:


Some which haven’t been mentioned so far :
Finding Nemo
UP (haven’t actually seen yet, but am told it is good)




Oopsy, my bad :slight_smile:
Toy Story?




Are you just 1 person with 2 accounts talking with themselves to prove a point and seem popular? :joy_cat: