Your time is short, get on steam store page and READ the reviews


You guys are in trouble, people are SLAUGHTERING your game because of its pricetag and how you are marketing this game. I write this because I played the beta and LOVED your game! I don’t want to see it die!! Please… realize your bad choices. go to the steam store page and please the community before your game is killed.

I am seriously worried for you guys. DO SOMETHING!



You do realize there are over 2000 positive reviews compared to less than 1000 negatives, right? People are just hating on the game because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do right now. They don’t understand a thing about it and are terribly misinformed. Then they misinform others and it becomes a giant snowball of stupidity.

There’s nothing to do but let it die down. All the haters will hear from a developer is ‘DLC DLC DLC DLC DLC’ because that’s all they want to hear.


Classy people negatively reviewing a game because of something that isn’t the actual game.


70% positive

only objections are DLC based because americans can’t read more than one sentence

that’s a good outcome. usually there’s people having major complaints about the actual game. these are complaints about nothing or possible future content

the worst complaint about the game right now is the fact that there’s a mousebug sometimes.

bf4 on release was totally broken for a month

also, there’s no problem with charging £30 / $60 for a game when EA charges at least 90 to start with, and companies like Frontier charge £30/$60 for their under-development kickstarted titles.

then we have star citizen which charges players up to $8000. only rave reviews of current game. totally ridiculous pricing. vapourware.


You cannot deny that the developer/publisher has some fault in the matter. They simply have too many different pre-order bonuses from too many places. They should have focused on the good; like free maps.


Or they should follow the model that they think works…the people that moan about multiple options on how to purchase current and future content is vocal but there is no evidence they are more than a distinct minority.


Evolve isn’t an established franchise. They can expiriment with new business models after they’ve established themselves. What do people like? Free stuff, like maps. What don’t people like? Ten different pre-order bonuses from different places and all the dlc being announced before launch (even if it isn’t finished).


I like Evolve, but lets not pretend it does not have issues. Some of those issues can easily ruin the game for others, and that turns into negative reviews. For example, I hate Monsters that hide for the whole game and run at the first sign of confrontation, it turns an adrenaline inducing hunt into a jetpack simulator.


The publisher knows what it’s doing, it’s their job. You say people don’t like different pre-order bonuses, I say that most people don’t care about the bonuses and buy from the store they’re most loyal to, or gives the best discount, or provides the quickest access for them. I say most people don’t have a negative view of a company saying “Hey, we’re going to be keeping this game up to date with new content for the next year”, they don’t quite hear it as some do, seemingly “Hey, we want to force you to pay money, even though we have no power in which to do that!”

Seriously, we can agree to disagree here, but sitting around saying that “people don’t like X” and “Y is damaging the industry” is utter subjective conjecture that is disproven by the level of sales and players that are involved in the game right now. By all means I understand your complaints, but don’t try to back it up with personal opinion masquerading as global fact :slight_smile:


I’d appreciate you editing out that 'Americans can’t read more than one sentence".


That’s getting into a whole different issue. Solution: Run Maggie and, to amp it up, give her the speed perk. No more sneaking Monster avoiding confrontation… at least not in any productive way. Consider, you’re complaining about what could be part of a perfectly valid strategy. It would be like complaining that Hunters can choose Cabot and Abe together to combine skills and you can almost never lose them once you’ve been found… it is an element in the game, the somewhat unpredictable way either side could play.


The negative reviews going up right now are rarely, if at all, about gameplay :smile:


That’s a 70% ratio, which is fairly awful. I have tons of games, but outside evolve, I always only buy 80% plus rated games.


Camping is a valid strategy in FPS games, but do you think that will stop me from hating it? I have tried to counter it, but if you play against a really good Monster then it becomes very difficult to cut off and keep up. Either way, in the end, reviews are all just opinions as to what an individual likes and dislikes.


Funny, I buy what I like, what is reviewed positively by a relatively narrow group of people I respect (mostly not gaming journos even), and then just a general “temperature check” of the aggregators immediately throwing out the extremes on both ends. Putting pure metrics around purchases is asinine. :stuck_out_tongue:


I too buy what I like, but most games I buy I haven’t played yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit for clarity, by yet I mean at the time of purchase.


The most hate is coming from people complaining about the dlc, that is fact. They announced the savage pre-order bonus before the game itself was even announced, fact. Publishers are human beings and are capable of making mistakes, as has been done in the past, fact.


A fair point, but in my eyes those are not even reviews as they just take one thing they don’t like and rant about it. Still, my point is simply that Evolve is not perfect and it does have room for criticism.


…people realize they don’t have to buy the DLC to play the game, right?