Your thoughts on Gurffin?

Griff is fun and balanced, he doesn’t need anything done. They didn’t even need to add that reveal the monster evolve location.

Can you do more?

I love griffin. I love using him with Val. Tranqs and harpoons for days son. Gives me easy targets and easy tranqs.

As sb. who is/was main Griffin player (180h), I really have to say that Griffin lost his main advantage, hook the monster for a safe dome catch, with this one second dome time.
Now every good or even ok trapper can dome (and the ones who still miss I cannot understand …), so I personally look for the trapper, who has the best in-dome abilities.
And the answer is obvious -> Maggie or Abe… yes and some might say Crow, but I do not think so…

And to be honest I really miss the times, when I jumped from above on the monster, hook a harpune in his head directly after I dropped the dome.

You think Abe is the best in dome trapper like for defensive play or in aggressive play or both i haven’t heard anyone say this since crows release

Area control that Maggie and Abe provide is more consistent and reliable than other trappers, that rely on skill and cool down, that is just the bread and butter of the situation. Griffin in theory is best but requires such discipline not only from him but from the team that I can only see him being properly balanced at high level

Crow has other reasons for being picked than in dome fighting imo, they bring his usefulness as a pick up again

I really like his Gauss machine gun and his tracking tools I think are cool since they spot evolving monsters now but he feels really slow on the reload of the harpoon and that makes me not worry about him much at all as the monster.

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Theirs only one thing missing from griffins available kit for general optimization, IMO

Griffins kit should automatically rotate to harpoon gun after he throws the dome, it would really strengthen his edge dome ability and that dome harpoon combo of his is so vital to his combo the few seconds you waste if you don’t take it out before hand are crucial

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None should be a hard counter for any one monster, but ideally, they’d be equally viable for all monsters, right?

Griffin is really strong at the moment, so I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see him return in the ESL matches.

He is returned to ESL and its the peace that is missing from making Caira viable again because without him she is too weak. And griffin is counter almost all monsters if that is balance then i dont know what to say : / remember i am a dedicate hunter and i “hate” all monsters xD … but i can easily understand when patches are unbalanced adn this one is tottaly off in thedirection from the previous one wich only goliath and val needed some buffs and the dome cooldown needed a rework and the game was pretty set to go for all tiers.

So your opinion is that Griffin is way too strong at the moment? Sure, but what do you suggest should be done? Nerf his reload speed? Decrease the effectiveness of the harpoon?

Well griffin hardcountering Goliath Behemoth and Kraken now ? what is this ? not only that Griffin is helping current caira to stay alive from kraken and he is one of the best of doing that …with some 1st grade math my son provided me what that makes it ? Caira is not viable !
What it needs to be done ? revert him to his old state that he was countering hard goliath only and that was his purpose from the beggining i believe! and increase his reload speed on his harpoons!
My old captain Nightwane could give you more feedback on that pretty much in the same direction because he was maining griffin!

I think his drag on Kraken specifically at the moment is very powerful. Really hurts when you’re trying to focus someone down.

But I don’t think his weapon should be really strong vs 1 monster, and suck vs the rest. Goliath would have a ridiculously hard time getting away… I’m not 100% sure how the picking system in ESL goes - do you pick Trapper before the Monster tells you what they are playing, or vice versa?

It never sucked… griffin even the bad one in the last patch was countering 1 ability from Kraken …aftershock . wich imho is balanced while in the other hand he was HARD coutnering Goliath ! Now that is balance in my eyes… Hard countering everything is not the way to go and thats the direction we all competitive players believed they are going but boom this patch landed and destroyed their correct path .
Anyway i agree tottaly with the drag down .
Also His smg brings alot of dps to the table because of its accuracy wich was also nice balance in the previous patch …

Agreed - but why increase the reload speed if he was already pretty well balanced?

Did somebody say…


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Because noone know’s only them … he was super bad before yes he needed a change so he is getting picked again over maggie or what ever . My bet from my unfinished test is they saw that they over nerfed their defense squad and someone had to make up for it ? That is my only explanation.

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