Your thoughts on Gurffin?


Personally I think Gurffin is fine. You can still chainstack harpoons pretty well, but now you’ll need to corral the monster down an escape route that makes it easier, and he can actually escape instead of being permanently tethered. >:I
The Sound Spike change puts him on top of the other Trappers for Hunt, I feel (save Jack but that’s only because the Repulsor is such a strong asset) and his SMG is nice and accurate at range which makes it good for dealing with Karken and KarkenMines.

I don’t think he needs much of a buff, if at all, but do you?

  • Gurffin is balanced.
  • Gurffin is OP.
  • Gurffin is UP.
  • I dunno lol.

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I know @niaccurshi holds the opinion Griff being less than optimal. And I maintain my thoughts on Griff from the thread niaccurshi made about Griffin, he could use some tweaks, but he’s still good.


Ya, I’m waiting on Cary’s opinion because I know he likes Gurffin.

IMO he’s still excellent vs Goliath because he can still deny traversal use like crazy, and he’s also good vs Kraken. Ran some tests on it earlier, the poon is a big annoyance for Kraken in combat.


I love Griffin, he seems perfectly fine to me. Sure, Maggie can get more traps to hit from different directions, but Griffin can use harpoons in the situations that they’re needed most. His SMG is also my favorite gun in the game.

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I feel all of the trappers are balanced right now. Some are just more popular due to the current meta. If they got anything right this patch it was trapper balance.

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Honestly he is in such a good spot right now, I havent experimented with him as of lately since the harpoon reload change but Ive played versus him and he is a solid pick.


He’s a bit underwhelming atm. I feel like they should have left his harpoon gun reload speed the way it was.

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He is balanced with a slight leaning to UP, he just isn’t fun any more. You are required to take reload speed for him to be balanced, and even then his cc is unreliable against good monsters especially in variable latency environments.

I don’t see why, other than knowing specifically where an evolve is (which you only need because it is super easy to flumox your average Griffin team until stage 2), you would take Griffin over any other trapper, especially if you have Jack who basically feels in essence what it was like to play Griffin before 5.0


He’s meh. He’s very good against Goliath, but what Trapper isn’t? Versus Kraken is decent only if you can get behind him due to his ranged attack autobreaking harpoons; however, Griffin is just terrible against Wraith. Harpoons do very little to her movement even when you do land them properly, and they usually get broken immediately even when she’s facing directly away.

When I play Griffin, one thing that stands out to me is how long it takes to switch to SMG. I mean, what? It’s just an SMG. I’d get it if there were only a delay for switching to Harpoon Gun. There’s no middle-ground combo for when you want to contribute both. You end up sitting on one weapon or the other because of it.

Overall Griffin is basically a bad version of Jack, but they’d need to fix Goliath’s physics before they buff his reload back to what it was.


I still can’t bring myself to play griffin again. He used to be my favourite back when we had 5 second domes plus a decent harpoon gun. But now with a fast dome and absurd reload time on the harpoon (without reload perk) what’s the point?

He’s not very good at detecting a sneaking monster whereas all the other trappers have better tracking and he can get focused the easiest.

At the same time all the ESL players seem to be playing him so maybe I’m missing something. The difference might be that all ESL monsters take the same feeding routes so tracking becomes quite redundant, and they tend not to focus the trapper, or maybe he just combines well with Val.

I would like faster reload on the harpoon, ability to detect sneaks in a bigger radius, maybe traded for slightly less damage and smaller overall radius on the spikes.


I think when you’re talking about people who have put the practice in, having his SMG against Kraken is probably the differentiator for a lot of people. Crow is great if you know you’re going to be dominating, but if you’re not sure then the reliability of what Griffin brings to the table in just keeping the airspace clear is probably invaluable to the way they play?

I think we’ll see more of him used in conjunction with Sunny thanks to the reality of being able to basically not let the monster get away for a free evolve… but as with many of these things (see Hank, for most of this games life) I’m not a fan of characters being useful purely because of someone else being on the team that compliments them.


hes in a good place atm.


Oh god why… Someone fix the names ;-;


No. It is Gurffin now.

But Hank worked well with everyone. And still does. He’s the bread and butter reliable defence Support who mixes well with every Medic.

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Yeah and I would argue the same can now be said for Sunny. I’m saying Griffin only works really well with Sunny and generally well with Hank, and neither of those things are to do with Griffin, they’re to do with the defensive supports.

Put griffin in a Bucket or Cabot team and watch him crumble.

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I agree with all of that except “Griffin.” It’s Gurffin now.


Reload Speed on his Harpoon gun is pretty damn long forcing you to take Reload Perk. Also his sound spikes are too easily countered at higher level play, making them unreliable just by the Monster sneaking, while Abe can be countered by sneaking as well at least he gets 35 seconds of constant tracking making it a worthy trade off.

They act more like Motion Sensors than actual Sound Spikes, I feel like they need more variables to go off more such as a Monster using a skill in the sensors range and then going off since those make a decent amount of noise. I mean it’s nice to have the majority of the map covered with spikes, but it’s seems so unrewarding when a decent monster doesn’t trigger any signs only until they stage up or by stage 3 where they stop caring, by then it’s too late for them to have a significant impact.


I think Griffin is perfectly balanced. His trackingnis decent and his CC is number 2 for sure, especially with Sunny and Val. Idk, he does feel like a more well rounded version of jack kit wise, but he isnt well rounded comp wise.
His reload speed is SUPER annoyingly long as a hunter, but way to short as a non goliath monster when gurffin takes reload speed atleast.

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You see this man? This man is a living Legend. He is perhaps the most famous Hunter in the galaxy. Hunting down creatures ranging from living glaciers to Lesser Orion Terrorsaurs. He’s getting on the years, yeah. He’s not as fast as he once was, yeah. But, is he still the best damn Hunter this side of the Milky Way? Hell yeah he is, and he’s packing heat.

You see this? This is the AHAB Sure Stop Model G Harpoon Gun. Accept no substitutes. This thing in the hands of an expert can, deny traversals, force Krakens to the ground, grab an invisible Wraith, or take pet Behemoth’s for a walk. It is skill and timing based CC. You can run down beasties for dozens of meters with this beauty. You know it’s perfect. It’s instinct.

The Gauss SMG. 36 Rounds per clip of pure pain. Other Trappers weapons may be better in bursts or at ultra long range, but the SMG is the single most versatile weapon in any Trapper’s arsenal. Monster is 80 meters out? Stand still and unload with near perfect precision, and if he’s up close feel free to dance around him while maintaining perfect hip fire accuracy. This weapon has spirit, it has kick, and it will unleash that on any poor son’uva gun that dares step in its way. Just look at the sights on this thing. Magnificent.

Abe has darts, Crow has Gobi, Jack has a scanner, and Maggie has Daisy. Griffin has spikes. Maybe not as flashy as Jack or annoying as Abe’s darts… The monster dies the little death with these bad boys. You going loud? Wonderful, these suckers got 60 meters of detection range, that’s right, two of them can cover the entire middle half of Broken Hill Foundry. Sneaking around? Fine, be that way. The moment you make a mistake… Leap to far for a sneak pounce, stand up to smack a reaver, or breathe in the wrong direction Griff will be there. He will slowly, methodically, like the expert hunter he is, take away all your options. Going into the caves? Nope, this hoss has a raw 15 meter detection range. No cowering around it if it’s in your way.

You’re gonna get tagged and bagged like all the rest. Don’t run, you’ll just die tired and with a harpoon in your bum.

((On a more serious note))
IMO, he has perhaps the most magnificent toolkit out of any trapper. My only complaint, besides the seeming fact that you need to aim a little up and to the left with the harpoon, is that it takes a long time to switch between the SMG and Harpoon. I feel like I am pigeonholed into either doing CC or DPS. Griffin falls behind Maggie when it comes to doing both CC and DPS at the same time, but when he commits to one he does it better than anyone.


From a competitive side Griffin is the ultimate weapon and the Hunter that put’s all the peaces together to make this patch viable. He is countering Goliath AND Kraken with the new patch just because he make’s the overnerfed medic’s survive with his peeling ability.Griffin is all that you gonna see in PC competitive beeing played and beeing banned.In the last patch we didnt see him much because of his nerfs and the insta dome that removed his old style strength Dome poon success ! 1 second dome stoped him from the competitive scene because simple other trappers could dome easily and give some extra to the team in other aspects either is tracking abilitys or cc or dmg.
So i vote for Griffin beeing overpowered just because one hunter shouldnt counter all Monsters.
As for pub game’s he should feel abit underpowered or even balanced because other player’s medics supports etc dont know how to use him
I am NjP Savvy Medic player - PC.

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