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Ok I have to make this quick,basically this thread is my version of asking you how exactly you found out about evolve. Was it at pax or E3. Was it browsing the internet or watching the commercial. This also includes how you found the forums.


My first time hearing about evolve was at Epicon (small game convention in the Netherlands). There was an Evolve booth which we didn’t really pay attention to due to the long line.

Later on the day, we saw everything we wanted to see when someone told us that we really must play, and so we did. We got to play with a coach on each team to explain the basics and we had a really great match. Still the closest match I’ve played so far (last hunter would’ve died from 1 more kraken autoattack I think)


Seeing the Happy hunting trailer on youtube back in feb, probably would have skipped it if they didnt have from the developers of Left4Dead on the screen in those first 5 secs


I first read a couple things about the games back when Happy Hunting was made, but got quickly distracted. No proper resarch or anything, simply put I forgot Evolve exists.

Next up, E3 best of show made me do the resarch, but I ended it with a ‘Meh, we’ll see about that…’

And then I got hooked up after Big Alpha, which I was granted access to due to me owning XCOM.

And I’m here ever since.


Frankieonpcin1080p on youtube! He made a vid playing Evolve Big Alpha and the second I saw “The creators of Left 4 Dead” I got my hands on codes for the Big Alpha aaaaand here I am!


I was the one who thought the idea of Evolve and shared it to TRS.

Ok no.I think it even was 2013?i could be wrong and it could be start of 2014.
Actually i think Evolve was announced at January 2014 but i remember seeing a footprint as a tease and just the information that The guys who brought you Left 4 Dead.I think that was before 2014
So i was stoked even before they announced the game rofl.


E3 demonstration!

I completely forgot about the game after E3 but when Big Alpha started it caught my attention.


I was in the bathroom browsing through my phone and I found the Happy hunting trailer, was thinking of skipping it but decided to stay… No bloody regrets


I remember when a trailer came out I think it was called happy hunting? I didn’t join the forums into the beta, but the game has been on my radar for a while.


Played it at PAX


I first heard of it through Game Informer magazine I got a year or so back; it had a picture of Goliath and small article on the basic idea behind the game. It immediately grabbed my attention and I kept up with any and all bits of info I could find from then on! As for the forums, I just kinda stumbled upon them after the beta ended, wish I had found them sooner though! So many friendly people, and the devs are so active/responsive!


I was looking at game trailers with fight scenes, and somehow came across the Evolve Happy Hunting trailer. Game seemed interesting and I did some research on what it was about. I was always looking for a game similar to Monster Hunter where you could control the monster, only this game has guns.


I had recently purchased a PS4 after not really having been into gaming for awhile. One night when I was working nights on a slow night in December I was just browsing an article about exciting games coming out in 2015. Evolve was one of those games and the description seemed like such a novel idea that I was captivated by it. Ever since I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game.


I saw it in the gameinformer cover story, but I didn’t really think it was all that great until months later. Then I watched the gameplay (from E3) and instantly decided that this was going to be my game for the next year or so. Bought a PS4 for it, only for the game to be delayed out to February and given an XBOne exclusive Beta.

And here I am.


Found out about it when the artwork leaked for metamorphosis, I knew this TRS game is all I would need for my console and I was correct.


I signed up to test it completely forgot about it then got an email about the Big Alpha and then I played it then I wanted the Beta and now I want the Full Release. I think it might have been a trap…


Well I might as well put mine. I actually found out about evolve through the game informer cover,but I was too lazy to read it. Then one day I’m looking through the list if people I had subscribed to and ghost robo had put up footage from the time he went to the 2k headquarters. I’ve been creeping ever since.


I think it was IGN that posted a video and mentioned something about TRS. Being a big fan of Left 4 Dead, I obviously had to check it out.

Was a little disappointed though as the video didn’t really reveal anything.

Was overjoyed when they showed the first pics of the game and I was like:

I’m glad I wasn’t wrong about that. :smiley:


I first learned about it it on the magazine game informer i have been hooked ever since then.


Never heard of it until a twitch streamer was having the time of his life during the Alpha, quickly dropped everything in my life and got into research mode and the Beta… so much fun.