Your scariest gaming moments


What are some of the scariest moments you have had in your time gaming?

I was playing Alien: Isolation, and when I went to get onto the tram in the second mission, I got on, turned around, and the Alien just charged at me out of the darkness. It killed me, leaving me in shock as I thought you couldn’t encounter it until the third mission.


I inserted Diablo 3 into my Xbox 360 and got the Red Ring of Death.


Wow that is extremely scary!



Getting pounced by Goliath hiding in a bush in legacy evolve. It’s like a fucking jump scare dude.


Oh yeah, losing thousands of hours plus other game data is the scariest thing that can happen to any gamer.


I Leap Smashed a Sunny as Meteor while hiding in a bush.


Me touching AC Unity.


Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. One of the first missions is in a Haunted mansion and the whole experience scared the crap out of me. I was playing that particular area while in a dark room in college while waiting for my boyfriend at the time to come back from class. I remember getting to the point where you have to escape from the mansion, but I didn’t realize it was through the roof and I was starting to panic while running around in the game.

When my boyfriend walked in, he said I was completely pale in the face and barely breathing. He told me where to go and I escaped.

Couple weeks later, my save game was corrupted and I would have had to start a new game and go through that effing house again. I gave up. I really wanted to finish that game too.

Fun fact, TRS developers worked on that game and that mansion in particular. I may have told them where to stick it when I found out…


This… just this…


That has got to be my first experience with Resident Evil 4’s Regenerator.

The sudden BANG has he breaks through the door, the music, the ragged breathing…

My brother had to kill all the Regenerators until I got the thermal scope :stuck_out_tongue:


Once I instead posting 140 e buy order, I clicked buy and cheapest thing was 300 e… died for second, but luckily I had only 293 e in wallet!


Very first AvP game. Playing as marine on max difficulty. Was trapped in corner with no light.
That’s the only scary moment i still can recall. Later games always failed on scarring. Graphic and all becomes better and better, but no one really was able to make games that can scare. Intense moments - yeah, still happen from time to time, but not scary.


Tomb of The Giants from Dark Souls. I have just beaten Pinwheel, and I went to the next area not knowing a single thing about it. I soon realized that I was stuck in a pitch-black maze with Skeletal Beasts jumping out of nowhere. I did not have any light source, and when I got one, I reached a blocked road because it turned out I have not finished the quest that opens the next area. I had to go all the way back to Firelink Shrine. Unfortunately, I could not get past a room full of Giant Skeletons that will attack simultaneously. I gave up and deleted the save file, and I have not played the game since, but I am going to soon.


Me and my sister were playing the Sims 1 yeaaaaaaars ago and a robber decided to drop on in.


We both screamed at the top of your lungs.


No way. I didn’t expect to read this, … Especially-- [quote=“snowkissed, post:9, topic:101586”]
Fun fact, TRS developers worked on that game and that mansion in particular.

YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROES. I LOVED THAT GAME SO MUCH. The Ocean House was my favourite mission!


When an epic cell came out of nowhere and gobbled me up in Spore!!! D:


I played a lot of jump scare games those scares were just momentary… the first time I played F.E.A.R in 2005 and very first encounter with Alma’s projections were scary …

The thing bout F.E.A.R back in 2005 was it scared the shit out of me when I wasn’t playing it… I started hearing alma voices here and there when I walked around my house. it took about 2 days to recover . I slept with lights on for those days and in living room couch coz my room scared the shit of me…


Haha, I’ll have to pass that on! :smiley:


I played SOMA and both Amnesias and other horror games and all that good stuff - scariest game, by far, is still DayZ mod. Nothing is as scary as going, “Alright, I’m fully geared out” and hearing the crack of a rifle bullet whizzing inches from your head.

There was one day in particular where I just hadn’t been able to get good gear without dying for weeks, so I got desperate and went to the military base in the middle of the map (forget the name). There was a guy camping out, watching the main loot spawn. I spent hours literally crawling through his line of sight - hearing him occasionally kill other guys, to remind me he was still there - to get to the secondary spawn. Get in, find an ok-ish gun, and try to sneak up on him after more crawling. Hear a shot, see the dirt next to me kick up, panic and run, boom, dropped.

Hours of work, deleted by two shots. It was so terrifying.