Your preferences?


For me it is…

  1. Monster: Kraken (to test the group), Wraith and then the Goliath.

  2. Medic: Caira, Val, and then Lazerous. I find all the Caira can do to a better fit for my play style. If Val gets a buff then I would use her more. And I see no reason to play as Lazerous, I feel that I’m hurting my team by taking him.

  3. Support: Hank, Cabot then Bucket. As a monster player Hank scares me the most and I usehim when in that role. A good OB can deny a monster an area or win a match. Cabot is okay but you seriously lack defense and your team can suffer for it. I have no good things to say about Bucket.

  4. Trapper: Maggie, Griffin then Abe. I find Daisy to be remarkably useful more so than the other two with their tracker darts or sound spikes. If I get put in this role (which is rare) I find all that she does to help with the monster better.

  5. Assault: Markov, Parnell, and Hyde. My least favorite role that I don’t often play.

  1. Support: Cabot, Bucket, Hank. (Only Cabot first atm for Elite progression, otherwise Bucket is my fave)

  2. Assault: Hyde, Parnell, Markov. I just love the flame thrower.

  3. Medic: Caira, Val, Laz.

  4. Trapper: Abe, Griffin, Maggie.

  5. Monster.

  1. Monster : Wraith, love abduction and warps blast
  2. Medic : Caira / Laz, I don’t feel Val right now her heal is not powerful enough to me even through tranq is very powerful to assist the hunt.
  3. Assault : Hyde is my fav but I feel he’s not as good as Markov (mines) or Parnel
  4. Support : like all of them
  5. Trapper : Abe, Grif, Maggie



I agree with you about most of what you said. I really don’t like Bucket either even though I probably love his character the most (design, voice acting, etc). I did find that he’s probably the most useful character when playing NEST mode. I would take Bucket and go by myself to the farthest egg while the rest of the team go for the closest. With Bucket you can surround the egg with sentry guns, shoot the egg once to get the guns attacking it, then leave the area and go on to the next farthest egg. Very useful that way, but it’s the only time I’ll ever use him.

Also, I find that Griffin is very useful specifically in the Armory and Barracks maps. The maps sort of pinch in the middle and have a very small area where you can plant one sound spike and if the monster ever goes to the other side, you’ve got him/her. Abe is also nice to have on the more forest-like maps since they have a larger abundance of wildlife for him to dart. Daisy is awesome though in every map, so she’s a great pick no matter what :smile:


Bucket is one of the highest damage dealers in the game but he does take some skill to use.

My choices are always determined by the group I have to play with. I main a medic so if the group is good I will go with Val because I can stay out of the fight and she has the best sustained healing. If the group sucks, which they usually do, I will pick Laz to keep their strikes off of them.

You can’t beat Abe for slowing the monster which is all the trapper is good for anyways so everyone should always play Abe. Assaults don’t matter.


I am not afraid of Abe, by the time he comes in I’m on the other side of the map almost to S2. If I keep moving and eating he will be all over the map limiting the use of his dart as they try to predict where I kay go. If he breaks off from the others to dart I find him and eat him.

Daisy though? Your sneak/silence game is severely limited. For my play style (in all three monsters) that is what fits me the best.

  1. Monster

If the group I’m playing with murder my ass with no problem I move support to 1 to provide more proper sport for the lobby.

  1. Medic: Val, Lazarus, Caira.
  2. Assault: Hyde, Markov, Parnell.
  3. Support: Cabot, Hank, Bucket.
  4. Trapper: Abe, Griffin, Maggie.
  5. Monster: Wraith, Kraken, Goliath.

Playing with random people mostly. If I get pissed, I usually move Trapper to the first slot and do my best to find the monster before stage 2.