Your opinions on twitch stream concept


Hey guys! Tomorrow im going to start a new stream, i tried to get a couple of opinions but its very hard the opinions of people in the gaming industry. Or, to be more concrete: It didnt really matter in which chat i asked (SC2 etc.), no one cared. Google didnt really provide any useful informations, and checking out twitch guides - they were most of the time kind of vague as well.

SO, time to get to the actual question: I am not sure if i should stream the whole time only 2 game (being consistent) or giving the chat-user a small gamepool he can vote the next game every 2 hours, then i will play this game for 2 hours. The gamepool is kind of small (5 games), so it will not be too many different games as well. This is more chat-user-interactivity and more action, but less consistent.
What of the two things you guys would prefer in a twitch stream? Every twitch streamer seems to stick to one game, so maybe thats just the way people want it, but on the other hand, doesnt get it become boring for the streamer as well?

PS: Once Evolve is out, the stream is going to change into a 100% evolve stream anyway, so thats just to try stuff out and learn a bit before getting “serious”


If your main medium is Twitch, work around your twitch followers. Personally, my main medium at the moment is Youtube. So I just stream what I am going to end up recording and cutting out later. Everyone will have different opinions, but work with your medium. Also, find out what makes you different form other twitchers. Are you better at games, do you have better insight, do you have better comedic punchlines etc… I’m in the same boat in that I started very recently. Always try to get as much feedback as you can :slight_smile: Also, use this time to work out audio/recording issues etc…


Try playing new indie games (especially ones that have very few streamers) that people might not necessarily want to buy without watching someone play it… If they like you they’ll follow you and start watching you no matter what game you are playing.


This is really good to. I’ve noticed that my non triple A titles get hundreds more views than my Triple A titles.


wow thats actually pretty interesting stuff - i didnt know games nobody really knows lead to more viewer. Do you guys know if new indie games will lead to more viewer, or does the age not really matter?
I thought playing games most people like will lead to more viewer


I think of it this way. If you have thousands and thousands of followers, it really doesn’t matter what you play. If you play a new triple A title, you are competing with these people who have thousands and thousands of followers which means you won’t get that many. However, if there are only 4 or 5 people streaming Anaconda’s Revenge! then you are more likely to be noticed. People on the internet have this phobia of scrolling down on pages so being near the top is super important.

Viewership is also VERY snowball based. It takes while to build things up and then eventually your followers will sustain your views. However, early on, don’t be discouraged. Even during Evolve I think I hit what… 7 maybe 8 people watching me at the most? Everyone was too busy watching the big names that lollygag too much and have (Imo) pretty bad playing skills and commentary. However, those are the cards that are dealt :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve streamed normally for friends weekly but doing it seriously is an appealing idea to me…


It just depends on what kind of streamer you want to be. If you want to play just one game, or want to play many games, or however you want your stream to be, I encourage you to be yourself and do what you want to do. Don’t play games you hate or that bore you after a while, because I think the worst thing (both for you, and your potential success) would be to start to see gaming as nothing more than a job.


Yeah, actually, that sounds like the best idea. I think since this is the tryout phase i just gonna experiment a bit. Thats why i said i will change to Evolve 100% when its released, when i played alpha it was the only game i played constantly all day every day, usually i switch between a couple of maingames because after a while they get boring or frustrating.
I wouldnt mind too much if i would start playing like SC2 for hours, but maaan, i would be really angry at the end of the day O_o so i have a coupl of games i want to switch inbetween.


You forgot “or those female glands you don’t have!” :stuck_out_tongue:
(Sorry had to go there).

@Shiny I didn’t read every post, so this may just be re-emphasis. Stream 1, maybe 2 games, and like others said, find one you like that doesn’t have a huge following already. Once you get viewership up, then you can get ‘your fans’ into it. Also, as @MaddCow said, it will be discouraging at first, potentially for a long time. But if you keep it up, and are faithful to A - post a schedule and stick to it, B - Tweet 10 to 15 mins before you start if you can, and C - YouTube your highlights (easily editable and automatic upload to YouTube from right within Twitch!) one day it might just CLICK!

Note: To point A - I dont think you need to stream 5 to 7 days a week. 1 or 2 consistently scheduled days is all you need, if you’re faithful to it, and it’s for a few hours at a shot. Best of luck!

Edit: This is no different than newer business staring out with a website. Blog, then blog some more, then blog more. Eventually, maybe after a year or so, the Google Organic hits go up, and all of a sudden you are sprouting with growth. But that first year is barren and tough usually!