Your opinions on new patch?


Things you think were done right and other thing that were not?

I personally love every change , even though they were done too late for this game in my opinion…

@TheMountainThatRoars You cant tell me what to do !



I’m very grateful for the vast majority of them. I disagree with a few but they’re minor things, really. :slight_smile:



I’m deeply depressed at how bad the Behemoth has become. It’s melee is laughable, the traversal isn’t even worthy to be called a joke and the way it soaks up damage like a sponge is worse than Disney buying the Star Wars franchise.

Goliath seems in a very poor place right now as well, since it feels as if his melee attacks don’t pack a punch anymore. Earlier I was playing against Caira and Hank… Well, you guessed it. Daisy was the only one with two strikes.

On the bright side… Val has gone from situationally not useless to considerably not useless. 10 sec tranq plus a hefty self heal, along with her medgun buff from the previous patch.

I’m really glad they finally handled the Sunny incident however. Those shielding drones were out of control and nigh impossible to destroy; at least before another popped up again. I think her jetpack boost might actually be in a good spot now as well. I’m not seeing hunters skyrocketing through the heavens anymore; this is good.

However what happened to the elite reaver, @MacMan ? The character perk has been buffed, but there is no information as to what happened to the wildlife buff. It used to be 50%, I believe. The character perk is now 100% however… How does this work?



It’s nice.

But that grenade buff made me feel uncomfortable for some reason. Like, it’s not bad, but I’m used to something else



@Zeon You were beaten to it by two days, I’m sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

The title isn’t updated, tough, but it is the same patch.




@MrTalha is correct, please use that thread to discuss the new patch! :slight_smile:

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