Your opinion about this kind of gameplay of the supporters

i thought about mods and some gameplay changes and would i really like so see how it would work. so i wanna hear your opinions!

Hank: Laser Cutter, Shield Gun, Shield Drone (from Sunny) - The Medic Support

Bucket: Rocket Launcher (with 6 Rockets in Magazine maybe), Sentry Drones, Airstrike (from Hank)- He is the Assault Support

Cabot: Railgun, Jetpack Booster (from Sunny), Damage Amplifier- Allround Supporter (fits best as allround because he is the main leader of the ship´s crew)

Sunny: Nuke Launcher, Uav Tag, Dust Tag (from Cabot and with shorter Cooldown)- Trapper Support
She got the strongest Weapon of all Supports thats why she got the less useful abilities for Arena or something like that but its obvious that a support like this is only useful for Hunt.

what do you say? would that be funny in evolve to have special support who fit one special class`?
or should the supports be more random?

Your ideas don’t make sense to me. Why should we move things around in this manner? Why do we want all the shields on Hank? Why should bucket be the “assault support”? Why should cabot have both the damage amp and the jetpack booster? Why should Sunny have only have the tracking support abilities? Why? Why? Why?


I don’t get why you’re suggesting this.

All Supports are supposed to have two weapons - or in Sunny’s case, a weapon that does as much damage as two.

Also, why have two tagging methods on one character? Why have two shield methods on one character? That’s just redundant.

I’m so lost by this entire post… I’m not sure what you’re suggesting. If you’re suggesting that these hunters have different roles, they doesn’t make sense.

Yeah… good luck breaking through a Caira+Hank combo that now has a Shield Drone in addition to Hank’s Shield.

No, just no.

Give hank the dust tag, and sunny her shield drone back, and I think we can actually come to something almost workable.

my suggesting is that the support character could be some different fun in a way that he would do a characters job like the ones of the medic, trapper or assault better in the special way the other chars could do better. you take hank if you wanna protect your team, you take bucket if you wanna do dmg or you take sunny to help the trapper to find the monster or keep hunting him. cabots job would be the only allrounding job (the job all supports try to do right now). he helps with dodging, speeding up while hunt and dmging the monster much more.
good my idea seems strange and without any logic but only because you all seem to adjusted to the ideas who are already intended in the game but think about one thing.
why so many people think bucket or even cabot are underpowered. because they need a different playstyle. i dont wanna change the game mechanics or wanna say the devs shall change the game how i suggested. i just wanted to give another opinion how this game could work.

as i said, this is what i thought about mods or something like that what i would to try if could try mod-playing or gameplay changing things in a singeplayer game. things that would never happen in a normal public match.
like other people say make a 16vs4 match. its just an inbalanced idea which could be a different style of funny gameplay maybe.

Hope it’s okay that I changed this to Suggestions l0ader

Also, people tend to think Cabot and Bucket are underpowered because they lack proper defense. Defensive Supports go a long way.

the only thing im really sad is that all supporters are not balanced cause hank and sunny are the most played chars and the most winning ones.
this really fucking need a change cause most players wanna play support if you look at the evolve statistics
edit: and as i said its just an opinion, but maybe an overall change is the only thing that could help.
the changes i read where less than helpful.

the people who complain about my idea. are these really people who play hank, bucket, cabot and sunny at the same time or do you just play hank and sunny? because i play all of them and i realize how weak bucket and cabot are in comparison with hank and sunny.

You can’t post an opinion topic and expect everyone to agree with you. :wink:

Take the comments with a grain of salt and look at your ideas objectively. Most people aren’t out to be mean, just poking holes in your logic or revealing flaws. Don’t take every comment to heart. :sunny:

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so you wouldnt enjoy some kind of mods which change gameplay mechanics and try them with some friends? you enjoy this game forever with the gameplay ideas it has. with the ideas that some hunters really “suck” in the opinions the forums people have? do you like hunters like bucket, lazarus or torvald and do you all play them more than other hunters?

well maybe you do but i think if you would you would have another opinion about this.
yeah my idea is close to the wind but as i said its just an idea and i talked about mods or better custom rules to test this alone in singleplayer.

ok i never said that but what i mean is that i never said that my ideas have to be intented to the normal rules in a normal public match. it just would be funny to test it with mods or so.

I currently play everything.

Why dont people like the dust tag on Cabot? It makes the rail gun 10x better if you are even halfway decent at hitting the monster with it.

I only somewhat like suggestion for Bucket, because UAV is unnecessary tool. But then I’d still rather buff his missile launcher than do anything else with him.

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