Your One Favourite Thing About Stage 2


What’s your favourite thing about Evolve: Stage 2? You only get one.

I love damn near everything about this patch so far, from how speedy my Wraith is to the fact that there seem to be a boatload of new players for me to eat contest myself against to the fact I can take movement speed, traversal recharge AND cooldown reduction perks and FEEL like a cheating bastard without actually BEING one. But I gave it some thought and my absolute favourite thing about this entire experience has been one fairly minor change.

There are no more scum-sucking butt-f***ing $#17-eating ~"@£:$>~"@£:$>"£@:$>~ CARRION BIRDS ANYWHERE.




Now I can skip through the map gaily slaughtering fodder and munching it up without having to consider whether I should be eating this 2 meat steamadon or waiting for a 3 meat mammoth bird then making my way to that tiny little overhang where I can cheat my last meal like the weight-watchers course from hell! If I see a pack of reavers I no longer think “oh ffs another thing I need to slow down, melee then leave”, now I think “SECOND BREAKFAST!” and descend upon them like a buffet of screaming alien-monkey canapés. It makes the experience of playing a monster feel far less like a hipster wearing a pretentious fedora taking pictures of his organic, locally sourced, free range qinoa and instead makes it feel much more primal - you are the apex predator and eat anything that moves, doesn’t move, looks at you funny or is taking the most ironic selfie of his life in his new fedora.

I love it, bring on the funny-smelling sky people with the pain sticks so I can turn them into even more blue bar.

What’s your one absolute favourite thing?


How the monsters move and how they can be controlled in the air
The Prime Skins
New leveling up system


The only thing I really like about Stage 2 is the full-body hunter skins.

I am distraught that Emet is worse than PlayDoh.


One thing?! Hmm, the only one loading screen



I just read this to the community team and we’re all dying laughing. And so happy that you like that change! <3


I live to entertain, and you can never go wrong with a Monty Python joke.

This evening I got to play the patch I’ve been waiting since November for, and I have until Monday afternoon to sit and enjoy it. Today has been a good day.


Pretty much everything. I haven’t felt this much fun playing evolve since the first day I played it, it’s like reliving the whole beautiful experience again and it makes me hope for another year and beyond of amazing experiences!

Oh you want me to pick one thing? Hydes new minigun sound (and by proxy, all the new sounds) You SFX guys have really pulled it off once again, beautiful.