Your Most Wanted Games of 2014


I thought it might be good to start a thread in off-topic for us to discuss the upcoming games of 2014 that we’re excited for (other than Evolve of course!).

So far I have a fairly simple list:
Witcher 3

I’m sure there are a few I’ve forgotten and a few that will show up as we get closer to E3 and other conventions. :smile:

What are you all looking forward to?


Nice save!!!



Titanfall and Destiny for sure. It’s really interesting to see how games solve similar issues, definitely a learning experience.

Hotline Miami 2 and FTL: Advanced Edition too!


I’m looking forward to Thief (4)!

Also, I just played the ESO Beta this weekend. Had a great time with it. Going to pick that up in April


Transistor was looking good last E3, pretty stoked for it’s release.

Also Guilty Gear Xrd for some fighting game goodness!


Mewgenics and Super Time Force are pretty high on my list.


The official release isn’t till 2015, but I’m super excited to see more module releases from Star Citizen. Also Destiny, though I’m sad to see it console only.

The NASA Kerbal Space Program mission is another one I can’t wait for, though I don’t know there’s a release date yet, so that one might not make it in 2014.


My list includes:

The Crew
The Division
Sunset Overdrive (the colors!)
Murdered: Soul Suspect

A little bit of everything :smile:


Oh man, how could I forget about PULSAR: Lost Colony?


With you here on this one Lindsay!! Looks soooo good.


Agreed about Titanfall and Destiny. Can’t wait for more Star Citizen and Pillars of Eternity also.


for me now my list is :

  • The Division
  • Destiny
  • Dying Light
  • Evolve
  • Murdered : Soul Suspect
  • Deep Down
  • The Order : 1886

i know some of em might get released maybe in 2015 but it’s the games i’m pretty hyped about!


Hello guys! First post here.

So, my list definitely has to be:

The Division
Hotline Miami 2 looks pretty fantastic.
Starbound will be getting a full release at some point.
Stonehearth (not in full release)
Witcher 3, while not at the top, is pretty high up there.

And a few others that I’ve managed to forget.


The Division
Witcher 3
South Park Stick of Truth
Castlevania lords of shadow 2
Dying Light
Murdered Soul Suspect
Space Pirates and Zombies 2
Telltale Games:
Tales form the Borderlands and Game of Thrones
Left 4 Dead 3 (They havent announced it yet but they are alot of rumors and hints to it)


Speaking of Titanfall, the beta signups are “live” for now, so hurry up and get 'em while they’re hot! They might shut it back down until 9ET, when it was SUPPOSED to open, but for now, take advantage! Gogogogo!


yea I just signed up for it should be awesome


Signed up as well. :smile:


A couple of these may be actually for 2015, but in no particular order here are the games I’m looking forward to getting some hands-on time with:

Sunset Overdrive
Hearthstone “Adventures”
Mirror’s Edge 2
The Division
Elder Scrolls Online
South Park: Stick of Truth
Tales from the Borderlands
Dying Light
Heroes of the Storm
Watch Dogs (ninja edit)


The Division
Hotline 2
Watch Dogs

I really wish Infamous weren’t an exclusive, might have to catch it next year.


Looking forward to:

Witcher 3
Hearthstone expansions
WoW: Warlords of Draenor (War2 characters ftw!)