Your LEAST FAVORITE part of TU9?

Each character has 40 levels of progression, you as a player have 30 levels of progression.

I haven’t seen anything about characters having progression. What would even be the point of that?

Can’t play it as my lowly console version is not included, PC monster race for serious.

The limits hurt the experience alot!

You unlock thingies for them with character progression. Someone mentioned full-body Prime Skins earlier.


  • You cant miss domes anymore
  • Some crasn to desktops
  • Weird XBox Key bindings (more weapons on the same buttons)
  • Still the X and Y axis have different speed

But this update is great, so far what I have seen.

Because Evolve is a multiplayer centric game. The solo part is “solely” a sort of training ground to get familiar with the game before going online

However, of you so much prefer to play online, know that you can always play legacy evolve.

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I can kind of understand it, since solo is kind of a training tool.

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The flood of negativity from the console players.

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The MASSIVE graphical downgrade.

I know they wanted to make it work on a wide range of PCs but the ambience and lightining, the weather effects and foliage is all gone. Great part of the charn that showed the devs love for the Hunt is gone. Not even the idle animations on select screen are there. A big part of the game is simply gone never to return.

The balance may be a different story, but as it is now, it’s a downgrade overall and it’s the same game still, with less content. I wanted this to become F2P to have people in it and appreciate the game and now, I feel the things that were there to appreciate have been removed anyways.

TRS isn’t going to read this post and this cry of love, i know that, but let you know i feel dissapointed.

Still liked your game tho.

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I didn’t really think about this at first since most of my time in game is spent queuing into matchmaking. HOWEVER, when we have enough people around I really like doing 5-mans, and that limit really discourages that. I think either multiplayer customs should have no XP limit OR there should be a rules option to make all perks available.

It sucks that playing in customs means being limited in what perks you can choose AND being unable to make meaningful progress toward unlocking them.

If keys are eventually going to be purchaseable with real money (assuming they aren’t already) I can see the need to stop people from cheesing their way to full wallets, but if that’s not the case the limits on solo and custom really seem like bollocks.

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This wasn’t to make it work on a wide range of PCs (though it may be a secondary aim), it was to improve the experience of the hunt. Weather is still there, it’s just not as oppressive on the senses.

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I don’t like that perks require keys to unlock. It should be something everyone has access to regardless of rank to give everyone a more even playing field, characters I can understand, but not perks.

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Since this seems to be a great place for constructive suggestions…

I dislike that in my profile screen I can’t scroll through the character progression list to see what I will unlock in the future, or what I did unlock in the past.


Yeah, I understand that.

However, as has been stated by myself and a moderator, you guys need to quit talking about console players not having the update. We get it. TRS is working on it. Stop, please.

Don’t be so sure. :wink:

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That definitely seems like a reasonable request. Surprised it isn’t already implemented.

Damage numbers are annoying and distracting from the gameplay, but I can turn them off in the options

Changing the UI of supports shield to half the hunters hp, just makes it feel weaker even though no numbers have changed

Kraken is still OP

Perks seem really expensive, and as a founder 3/4K silver coins is nothing and I think we should’ve kept all of our perks, but I suppose it balances the game now we’re all level 1 playing vs f2p otherwise it would technically be pay2win

All my Elite skins are gone and need to grind each character to get them back, why not just look at my Evolve Legacy stats and let me unlock them? They’re only skins!
Same with my badges

Having to relearn all the maps if they’re going through changes, they honestly don’t look the same anymore apart from the aesthetic

Dark and gloomy weather replaced with happy sunshine weather! Why?!

Has Arena been removed? I haven’t played a single arena match yet

Why is Goliath silver now? It’s driving me mad. He looks terrible. Bob’s armor looks a bit weird as well.