Your LEAST FAVORITE part of TU9?

I really hope you guys make that change. I am Hunter main never like to play monster so that going to be an issue for me.

Agreed completely with this

Since I know there are eyes on this thread, another suggestion I have would be a little UI element while choosing perks that keeps a running tally of current perk bonuses. For example, if I pick rocketman for tier 1 and 2, add all those bonuses together, and then as I mouse over tier 3 choices show what bonuses I currently have and what the delta would be if I picked the perk I was mousing over. I spend what feels like a little too much time going back and forth and doing math on that perk selection screen.


We were thinking of adding a stat bar style system or something similar so you can see what each perk is giving and how they stack together. It’s definitely on our list of things to do.


Is that really her voice that they added saying “Monster has evolved” ect.? I really liked that addition since it give you the notifications you might otherwise have missed if not careful or new to the game.

Found it! Yep, its her.

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That’s good enough for me!

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Hunters are way easier.

I don’t know if this is just me. But people blindly run in and try to revive people it’s so annoying . Then they end up killing themselves because the monster gets another free down.

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So apparently you can only play a certain number of Solo Matches before you get a lovely warning message saying that the XP and Silver Drops are no longer dropping. I played 2 arena matches before I got this. 2!


This is just borderline vindictive.

EDIT: Ok so the ptach Notes say “However,
custom games provide a limited pool of Silver Keys and XP every day.” But after only 2 matches they stop dropping? When is the refresh? I’m confused.

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I’m actually proud of what this thread’s become.


Finally got to play today, and Gorgon is worse than before. Wanted to tear my hair out with how unfun she is to fight.

Please be constructive.

It’s a long shot, but can someone kick Matthew until he comes up with a playable story mode/tutorial? I miss the lore.

I would be really missing a table (ingame) of my PERKs and what the next stage of the perk improves to if i buy it. Second i would suggest putting on that list also where you can “unlock” that perk through character play for free. (Ie. which character has it and on what level of that character upgrades it).

That would be really useful information in the UI.
Next part is still that its very complicated to add players to the friendslist after the game. Yes i know you can add them through playeroptions during the game to get to their steampage, BUT not as soon as it has finished-Monster or Hunter victory text appears.

Was in game so had to keep it short, but basically, for a monster thats meant to be around stacking DOTs, shes ridiculously bursty. Can practically 3 shot a hunter, without mimic, AKA the “burst” move in her kit. Makes for really unenjoyable gameplay.

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Well, Lianne and I read it.

We made a lot of painful cuts and changes. We loved the game as it was originally, but that’s not good enough. We have to do whatever it takes to make this a better game for more people.

Art is subjective. I liked the original in-game art a lot. But I think the new direction they’re taking it looks good too, and is clearer to read, better for gameplay. Less clutter, more understanding. Weather’s still there too.


Just wanted to say I do like the maps better now. They may have lost parts that were very nice looking but the maps play better and IMO look better

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I read “We have to do whatever it takes” with Parnell’s voices. I must have play to much ^^

I haven’t actually played it because my PC can’t run it and I originally bought it on PS4 so I would rather wait for that,but apparently the only game mode now is hunt? Correct me if I’m wrong,but if not then that’s pretty disappointing to hear.