Your LEAST FAVORITE part of TU9?


So I hate to be that guy, because I REALLY DO LOVE THIS GAME, but if the Dev’s are gonna go for a full-force revivification of this game, they’re gonna need to know what people don’t like even more so than what they do. So, tell us your least favorite thing(s) about Stage 2, AND what you think the Devs could do to fix them that would make you as a consumer happy.

Examples of Things You Should Not List…
• We can’t help them if we’re being unconstructive. Tell them what you dislike, what you dislike about it, and how they could fix it.
• Things like, “Oh, I dislike that it isn’t on Console!” are not acceptable. They’re working on it. Chill.

So yeah, tell us your thoughts. This could greatly help Evolve in the long run.


Not on console.


No working Behemoth, but I know he’s being worked on so it’s ok


No new new maps.


@Evster3, read the main post. Thanks.


That its 18 gigs and will take me 24 hours to download it


To be honest nothing really.


Yes But the 18 gigs vs the 40.2 it use to be is a huge improvement! <3
My internet is also Potato powered so ive had 4 hours of download for the last 5!


That there isn’t a perk shop or way to go through all the perks at your own pace.

I hate the part where we vote to skip a map because the maps are perfect and no one ever skips so it’s a waste of time.


That I don’t have more time to play. #NotAJoke

But if you’re going to post something here, at least make it constructive. Just a general complaint topic doesn’t give the devs much to work with. They are very aware that console players aren’t happy that they don’t have TU09 now. VERY aware and as most of them are console players as well, I am sure they are too disappointed. So feel free to share what you don’t like or think should be changed. Just keep it constructive.



At the moment I’d say the thing I dislike most is that after every game I’m dumped out of the randoms I’m with. This game was very social in the early days because you could hang around between load screens and chat, and it’s a shame not to be able to (for example) give the monster some encouragement if they had a bad game against us hunters, and vice versa.

The only other thing I dislike is that I can’t pick a perk load out for each character in advance. I know picking perks will get quicker as I remember what is in each tier, but I’d like to be able to set up maybe 3 different types of loadouts that I can just go to quickly.




sue I noticed with Stage Up…

I feel the 12min time limit is to short, I’ve seen way too many matches today where Hunters won due to a time limit… Games where the monster wasn’t fleeing, just always seemed to have Hunter drop in, and when they were stage 3 couldn’t stay long in fights due to low health… One such monster was deanimate, and we all know he’s got game… I’d personally would prefer 15min timer for hunt minimum

In the casual matches the planet survey is a great addition for new players, thou it kinda makes trapper search equipment obsolete (other words they rely on it and don’t really learn the original tools for finding them… even with high level evolve players I dont see Griffin use his sensors, or Abe tag wildlife during chase, and the gobi and survey are also rarely used… In ranked I think the cool down on this ability should be much longer, increasing the skill ceiling a bit for ranked… so instead of it just being spammed to find monster and get on him all the time… its more of a choice of do I use it to help locate monster, or save it for evading in dome, making tradition tracking mechanics more viable… For ranked I’d also like it if the planet survey had to charge out of drop ship, this would open up the stealth start gameplay option


Just reinforcing your OP. :thumbsup:


Perks are very time consuming to farm as far as I can tell. I really dislike this as someone who now has to refarm all this new shit when he already farmed all the old stuff. I also dislike the fact that perks cost the same resource as new characters when perks are seemingly so expensive, although this doesn’t matter to me specifically since I have all the current characters.


Perks, easily. It’s the only thing I don’t like about the update. I hated having to unlock them in the old game, and I hate having to unlock them in the new version. I love the new perk system, I hate that I have to grind in order to make my characters maximally effective. The level grind to get all the perks was always my second least favorite part of the game, right after masteries giving in-game bonuses. (Note that I don’t hate leveling and progression, I just wish it was all for cosmetic type stuff.)

HOWEVER, I assume ranked mode will have every perk unlocked at its highest tier since it’s supposed to be a competitive mode, and if that’s the case then this is still my least favorite thing, but it’s not major. If ranked DOESN’T put everyone on an equal playing field then I consider that a pretty major oversight.


I hate that I can’t read of view the content anywhere right now lol. Like being serious too; I want to read the perk list see the skin (that are available now of course) because I don’t have the PC to even view YouTube on anything over 480p let alone download newvolve lol, and I like to be prepared ahead of time


There is something for it, let me find it…

Edit, @Tboskiq

Click the perk images to view what they are. No clue about the skins.


Yeah, I could definitely see the issue with this. Maybe make them worth less keys?


The ABSURD exp/Key restrictions on Solo and Custom Games:

“Completing Challenges
You cannot complete Challenges in solo or custom games. However,
custom games provide a limited pool of Silver Keys and XP every day.”

WHY?!?!?! I do not understand why I am being punished for playing the game as it was advertised.

It didn’t and shouldn’t matter whether I play the game Solo, Custom or otherwise. I am connecting to the Servers (not in Training mode), I am playing the game as intended and thus am entitled to receieve unrestricted exp and keys as if I were playing Non-solo.

This is a huge step backwards compared to legacy Evolve.