Your ideas for new Hunter Gear


Hello Evolve Community! I’m new here and wanted to get a feel for the forums, so I chose a topic that I often think about and wanted to discuss it with the community. What are some ideas you Hunters have for gear or weapons or abilities that you think would be cool to see in the future?

I think a medic who had a sort of needle to heal with would be cool. Like he cant heal well from a distance, but his needle would give you full health and a short speed boost, and perhaps using it on downed allies would not warrant them a strike.

I cant wait to see some of your ideas!



I think trip wires for the Trappers would be cool. They could trigger mini-domes to slow the monster up for a few seconds.


I think a medic with healing beacons or grenades would be cool, it would make an area of healing that as long as a hunter is in there, they will be healed at a constant rate. And the beacons/grenades would stack


I would like a support with something to decay corpses or do a small DoT if shot at the monster


I want a Trapper with a bird beacon, calls down Harpies to clear an area of corpses, a Tripwire that sends off a flare when a monster hits it (basically a startled birds alarm, but manmade) and a crossbow that fires arrowheads that explode into neon paint, improving visibility of the monster and fringing his vision (deals low damage).


An Assault with a sword
A trapper with a crossbow and net gun
A medic with a healing cannon
A support with a poison cannon and poison revolver.


We need a frosty cryo hunter that can slow the monster.

T6 or T7 Hunter not finished idea [ice theme]+biomech monstah?

Assault: I’d like to see a melee assault, or kinda like a gunslinger assault. Double wielding pistols ftw. And he should have an ability like Lucians ultimate in League of Legends:

EDIT: Maybe even combine the gunslinger and melee idea. For ranged he has double wielded pistols, which do OK damage, and for melee he would have something like a whip. A very high-damaging whip. His ability would be the ability to power up your pistols to unleash a barrage (video).

Support: I’d like to see a robotic support. Not robotic like Bucket, but kinda not-human robotic. Has anyone played XCOM? I want something like a SHIV in XCOM:

I know devs want to make characters relatable, but this would just be fricking awesome. It would have extreme defensive capabilities, but lack in offense.

Trapper: Like many other people, I’d like to see a trapper with a bow. I’ve done archery for a few years in real life so that would be super awesome.


an support who calls in ebon star backup


I’m loving these responses, there are some great ideas here.

Another idea i have is for an Assault Class hunter. They could have a toxic sludge cannon that covers the ground and the walls in harmful sludge, making it difficult for the monster to maneuver. Their secondary could be a ray beam that just burns the monster in a single spot for moderate damage like some kind of deadly laser pointer. And for a third piece of gear i would say some futuristic Molotov cocktails.



Yeah they would be sort of weak and far between calls but they would definitely be effective and make the battle more interesting.l


hmm how about a trapper who is like a plant and their major ability is like a monster easting plant of some sorts


One idea i had is for a hunter who could turn into wildlife as a disguise. Like its ability would turn it into a trapjaw or canyon strider and monster would just think hey its wildlife! It may work for trapper so the could guile their way close to the monster