Your Hunter combinations for each Monster!


What are you all’s combinations against specific Monsters? Mine are:

Goliath: Markov, Abe, Cabot, Val
Kraken: Parnell, Griffin, Hank, Caira
Wraith: Hyde, Maggie, Bucket, Lazarus
Behemoth: Parnell, Abe, Hank, Val

Of course the 4th set isn’t out yet, but that’s just my projected team


curious as to why you would take hyde vs wraith. that sounds like a bad idea. also you used each hunter once…is that the point of this thread? only using 1 hunter per monster? (4th doesnt count :slight_smile: )


Flame thrower will reveal cloaked Wraith. Also toxic grenades for when they hide.


I like val or caira better against wraith.


uhh how do u hit an invisible wraith…spin in circles? your still not doing damage to her. idk i personally would take markov. the mines hurt


Wraith has too many counters to the mines but both hunters are about equal in my eyes. Depends on party composition.


No no, that’s just something I did myself. Personally I think any combination can be successful, but not overlapping Hunters is just something I wanted to do to make it a little more strategic.


This is why you bring Lazarus to the fight. If the Monster knows how Lazarus works then the Wraith will want to camp the downed body to keep Laz from reviving. This is where Hyde comes in, drop a grenade on the body and the Wraith can cloak eat it and it will take constant damage if it stays around the body. And we all know that the Wraith doesn’t like to take damage. Laz can still walk in the poison cloud so he can get a safer revive. If the Wraith tries to camp then it will take a lot of damage from the poison and flames


ah gotcha. if i had to do that…

goliath- Val, bucket, hyde, maggie
kraken-laz, hank, parnell, griffin
wraith-caira, cabot , markov, abe.

not sure if you want me to explain. but tl;dr: synergies. synergies everywhere!


Irrelevant. It’s a blind pick since you don’t know what the monster is till after you pick.


not really. playing evacuation mode or 4-man set teams. you play them once then you can guess they will be it again since they won. but you cant 100% know.


curious as to why this even matters if you cant tell which monster you will be facing.

its better to discuss an all around team. or teams with specific advantages over other teams that work for all monsters.


in evacuation i change my monster depending on the type of mode.


exactly. normally its hunt first. then its rescue or nest. then its hunt again (most ppl vote for it). on that second hunt. we assume you will be the monster you used the first time. #wraith :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if you dont well then more power to you. there are no hard counters so it doesnt matter to much.


oh interesting. ive only played evacuation once, i thought each round was random choice.


Val without hank is pretty risky


nope you vote. which is dumb right now cuz that means win or lose the hunters always will get the prefered game mode. 4 votes to 1 lol. the other way is 4-man set teams. that LUCKY monster player will now play monster until he chooses to leave. maybe hes working on the elite skin. or thats his main hes practicing for tournies. id say its about a 70% chance that monster player will be the same monster on the next round. unless its a stomp and he deems it unfair lol.


ya i think the vote should be removed since its 4 votes to 1. it should just be a 50% chance and randomize it.

i do think you are right that monster players play their specific monster more often. i hope i can be competent in all of them one day.


yes it sounds risky. but the comp style is very ready for a goliath fight. when done right. the killzone will force a retreat or be at less than half hp before someone goes down. i personally would use laz here. but val had to go somewhere lol. and laz is better vs kraken imo.


You’d definitely need a damn good team to pull it off