"Your Hunt game is ready" Xbox notifications a la Titanfall


I had an awesome time playing Evolve all Easter but I did notice one frustrating problem in the ranked hunt matches: A lot of players go AFK while they’re waiting for the matchmaking, which means they miss the role selection menu, which means everyone gets booted back to team-matchmaking. This problem could be reduced for Xbox players if Evolve did a similar thing to Titanfall, namely send you a notification whenever you’re in another app waiting for a match to start.

For Evolve this means you could set up matchmaking on hunt, go watch Twitch or whatever while you wait, then come back into ‘select your class’ as soon as the matchmaking is ready.


This would be SO helpful.

turtl pls


You see that face?

That’s the face of Mr.SlabOMeat!

This might just happen…


That’s the face of my fucking hero man - I’m chuffed. Didn’t know anything about TRS until I got Evolve, now I’m dying for Left 4 Dead to be made backwards compatible on the Xbone so I can play that too. But Evolve is the Game of Games right now, stupefyingly great.


make it for everyone!!! Yes please make this happen. At the very least play an audio track so that we can hear it instead of whatever the game picks right now.


This is one of the best suggestions that iv read on here for a while.


I play on Xbox, but I’ve noticed AF(C?)K teammates all the time, too.

Too bad Xbox can’t do something like this.


This can be done on Xbox - Titanfall does it.


I never go AFK when playing games - so I guess I wouldn’t know.


Latest news on getting this ?

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