Your hardest monster


So, the game has officially been out for two days now and I would like to know which monsters are giving people the most problems?

I know a lot of people are claiming that Wraith needs nerfs, but I have actually found that to be untrue in my experiences.

The great (or unique) thing about this game so far is that depending on who you’re teaming up with as a hunter, the game experience is totally different for everyone.

For me, I have actually found the Goliath to be the biggest pain. The cleave damage this dude is capable of is insane and it seems like random teams like to group up a lot. I know sometimes grouping up is essential, like for heals from Laz, but it’s a really bad strategy vs Goliath.

As a Medic/Support (my favorite roles), it makes for really challenging fights. I have gotten to a point where I feel like when you’re facing Goliath in a random group, it’s stage 1 or not at all. Stage 2 is still manageable, but you NEED to spread out and kite him around, which is hard to do in a random group.

Killing Goliath in a random group at stage 3 has been one of the most rewarding feelings i’ve gotten from this game so far, and it’s been a blast.