Your greatest fears


In a game with so many matchups, there’s bound to be a hunter/monster or a comp that you fear fighting against. So what are yours?

As for me, as a hunter, Meteor Goliath takes the spot I think. Its DOT makes it harder for the Medic to heal and it’s generally a pain in the ass.
Yes I was part of the “Wraith is OP!!!” bandwagon at first but then I realized Wraith is perfectly manageable.

As a monster, hmmm… Hank and Lazarus. For obvious reasons. Hank’s shielding is insane and Lazarus ability to deny a strike is soooo annoying. I have to completely finish off a downed hunter to nullify his ability, and if I focus him he can pop his invisibility and in both cases, the team can take advantage of it and deal massive damage is they’re competent.


Hunters don’t scare me it’s the players with the 10 plus win streaks :confounded:


As a Gorgon and Kraken main, my mainframe is a good Val team or a good Griffin/chase comp that won’t let me get away.

I have no problems otherwise.

That or facing hunters with high win streaks.


I m fearless I can rekt any hunter or monster.

I m scared only of being quantum caira or wasp guy vs coop ai monster alone
because it would take me 34minutes to kill.


Interesting, I usually don’t fear high win streak players. I know they can very well be beaten just like any other. Both because I myself have had plenty of my winstreaks broken, and because I’ve broken other people’s streaks.



The hardest ones in my opinion to dodge. Against any other monster, I’m alright regulating my jetpack, but against these, it’s horrible.

I hate Gorgon because with a team of scrubs, the bugs are going to be being a massive pain in the arse

I hate Kraken because even when you dodge the main abilities, there’s always the frickin snowballs which keep damaging you

Kelder is a pain in the arse, because he/she/it can always keep on top of someone and damaging them.


I’ll guess you’re scared of me, Sidewaysgts, and KomodoLover. We all main Meteor.

As for what scares me the most:
Playing as a Monster: Sunny/Griffin/Val because Sunny is broken, and a good Griffin or Val can slow you until the dome is recharged.

Playing as a Hunter: Wraith because of FT3 with maxed out Decoy. I’m playing Legacy on PS4, so Wraith still cloaks when Decoy is activated. I have domed many Decoys thinking they were the actual Wraith.


Hmmm, I think I met one some of you, these names sound familiar.


My greatest fear as a monster would be a good Maggie. SO annoying.

However, I play Legacy, so that could change when S2 hits the One.


As monster, Tech Hank takes the cake

there’s just nothing I can do vs a good TSH…


Maybe I’m doing something wrong as no one complain about this, but as a Goliath I hate the Sunny/EMET combo. If all the deployables are correctly placed inside a dome it’s impossible to beat; if I focus on the deployables they keep doing damage and re-deploying (dont now if this word exist, sorry for my english :slight_smile: ); if I focus on any hunter the deployables will shild/heal getting extremelly difficult to beat.

Had problem with some GOOD Lazarus also, althrough the avarage Lazarus don’t scares me.

And abe and crow are very annoing slowing me, either in the dome as well as running.


Blitzkov/Cabot with a winstreak can be spooky.
Really when i see a good bucket I start sweating. I HATE his mechanized recharge when it’s paired with good hunters. Ugh, him with laz or Emet can be a nightmare as well.


Oh yeah that too. Not as Goliath though. Which is my main monster.


Probably not me because I am on PS4. I am assuming you are on PC. Sideways and I think Komodo are on PC.


“Even if it seems certain that you will lose, retaliate. Neither wisdom nor technique has a place in this. A real man does not think of victory or defeat. He plunges recklessly towards an irrational death. By doing this, you will awaken from your dreams.” Hagakure Quotes by Tsunetomo Yamamoto.

Only thing I usually fear is my wifi being the potato it is and causing a disconnection. :slight_smile:


I am very much afraid of Sunny/Val/Griffin/Parnell as a Goliath player, but less of a respect fear and more of “Oh it’s that one cheesy, cheap awful OP comp yay”.

Slim, Hank, Abe and Parnell is a pretty tough comp now.