Your Gorgon stats IS SHE OP?


Without any kind of bias about how strong or weak is she right now, I would like you to comment with your stats as such:

My stats:
82% winrate
36 wins
8 losses
time played: 5 hours

(these are my actual stats btw).
I am curios what the average will be.


295 wins.
7 losses.



non ranked

It is my favorite monster for It is extremely easy to stage 3 without getting caught single time and when you do you can just keep jumping inside the dome to avoid dmg.

I run 3xacid 1x spider+full dmg reduction focusing medic,even with hank.

I do not play monster often but when I do It is gorgon/kraken


24 wins
0 losses


Pics or it didn’t happen.


I’m obviously joking. However, my WLR is obscenely high like that with Gorgon. I’ll check when I get home. At the gym right now.


I would like to see more replies…I want to know just how OP she is.


0 Wins
2 Losses

Not proud of it xD


No she is very far from op. It honestly depends on who’s playing her,how they are playing and if the hunters know what they are doing. A decent gorgon player will likely lose to decent hunters since most of gorgon’so damage is dots. With the way the hunters abilities work,they can easily be countered.
I’m at 35 wins and 11 losses I believe so a 77% ratio.


Wins: 105

Losses: 2

though my winrate is pretty much the same with all monsters.


Are you going to dismiss these 80%+ winrates as ‘the hunters were bad’? 80% statistically can’t be bad, since bad is ‘worse than the majority’.


Double DR Gorgon not viable, they said…
I remember matches against your gorgon where my pc parts started to burn from the amount of ebola this monster brings.
Its over 9000 xD


There are people with 80%+ win rates on just about every monster. There are people who haven’t lost a single game as Behemoth, and the community almost universally agrees Behemoth is the weakest/second weakest monster right now. Also, the average can absolutely be objectively bad. eg: If 80% of players didn’t know how to use class abilities or shoot their weapons, they’d make up the “average” player, but they’d still be bad.


We’re having an argument about words and the meaning of words.


First portion is still relevant. Having a handful of people with an eighty plus percent win rate means nothing in regard to a character being OP/UP. They exist on every single hunter and monster.They exist even with the game’s “worst” characters. The fact a handful of people came in to a thread asking for stats (which is obviously going to attract people who want to humblebrag) and boasted high win rates isn’t the least surprising. Ask a dev for some data instead.


As you wish.


I implore you, oh almighty developers, please, share the Gorgon’s win% with us, and weather it’s above or below average!

(come on guys, you gotta help me, I can’t summon them on my own)

chants and dances furiously


80% winrates also include hackers,cheaters,pros,bad hunters,and many more things. The issue with a game like this is that its almost impossible to perfectly balance something. Gorgon has 2 abilities that can easily be countered by good hunters but are a nightmare for bad ones. I had a 97% win rate but that dropped to 77% since I got put again multiple premades and hackers in one day. Right now the only op monster that I can say is one that can burst a team down fresh off of the dropship. Gorgon cant do that, the only one I know of that’s been able to do that is Elder Kraken.Every monster right now needs some kind of rework wether good or bad excluding Goliath. Since legacy the only thing for monsters that’s changed has been health,armor and energy to evolve(correct me if I’m wrong) while hunters have had a complete change to their kits, while monsters aren’t even looked at. Its a game of back and forth…a decent monster goes again bad hunters…he destroys them. They say the monster is op, then he goes against a decent team, either barely wins or loses hard. Then goes against a premade or skilled hunters and gets destroyed, he says the monster is UP. That’s all that’ll keep happening.