Your Game of Year 2015

Yeah it seemed perfectly polished and beautifull

I would for sure try it if i had a PS4

But that’s not even out yet. Don’t think early access titles qualify for GoTY. Looks fun as hell though - would like to play but I don’t have a great computer. So looks like I’ll have to wait until next year. :sweat_smile: :gun:

suprised no one picked witcher…

batman would have won if they didnt make the batmobile lol.

Evolve, no doubt.

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Fallout was my GOTY in '97, Fallout 2 was my GOTY in '98. (We don’t speak of Tactics or BoS.)
Fallout 3 was my GOTY twice, once in '08 and then again in '09 after I picked up the GOTY edition.
New Vegas was my GOTY in '10.

Also, Morrowind in '02, Oblivion in '06, and Skyrim in '11. I’ve got almost as long a history with Bethesda as I do with Fallout. No other games have ever captured my attention as wholly for as long.

There has yet to be a shitty port, and if there is then yeah maybe it’ll lose my nomination. But even if it’s not a huge commercial success it’ll still almost assuredly be my GOTY. (I mean, look at Evolve - it’s not exactly a massive success on PC but I’m still playing it.)

Yeah dude it was a joke xD

I’d personally pick Evolve. I’ve had way too much fun with this game. :stuck_out_tongue: Runner-up would probably be the Witcher but I have some erm, issues with that game. Won’t talk about those here though. Not really the place.

Might not be a shitty port but it does have a shit ton of bugs. I’d never play a bethesda game on consoles ever again I’ve had to lose hours of progress all because I hit a quest/game breaking bug. On PC atleast I have console commands.

… Evolve, hands down! If Gears 4 was released this year it may have had competition.

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I like Gears - was one of my favorites for a while. However, the gameplay demo from E3 was quite, underwhelming I guess is the right word. Didn’t really seem to be all that new or exciting. /:

U wot m8?

I can play it all the time. As far as I can tell, it’s as good as a full AAA release, just with even more content, and regular bug fixes

We’ve seen a lot of optimizations recently. You might be able to play it now. Unless you don’t meet the base recommended?

Its a toss up of ARK and Evolve really, only 2 games I play ^.^
Probably gotta go with ARK, just cuz…dinosaurs <3

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It’s because of the Spino isn’t it :expressionless:

The Witcher 3

in a landslide

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Too bad the server got wiped amirite :wink:

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Evolve and Monster hunter 4 ultimate :smile:

I’m confident Halo 5 is gonna make me take back a lot of what I said of 343 Industries. I liked the Warzone gameplay when I played it at E3, so I have hope.

As for current games released, Evolve is probably my personal GOTY (probably won’t win GOTY in rl, shame.) Sure, there have been moments where I’ve had… mixed … feelings about this game, but my Steam recent activity says otherwise.

…and Master Chief Collection PC Version ( cough gamescom 2015 announcement cough )

I don’t have much faith in 343 for Halo 5. After what i have seen in the gameplay from E3 and other events they seem to be making it alot like COD which i really despise :unamused: