Your Game of Year 2015

Yeah i know it is a little too early to say it, but it wouldn’t hurt would it. From the games you have seen so far and played so far what is your Game of The Year for 2015?

Mine would have to be Bloodborne for the PS4

Oh, what we have played?
Then Evolve. (haven’t played any new releases really)

That’s cheating it hasn’t been released yet. But my 2015 GOTY would be Evolve.


I don’t have a console and i haven’t bought any game this year.

I’m guessing Bloodborne was amazing since i’ve seen a lot of praise.

I never was a Fallout fan but i’m guessing this one will take the awards.

But if we’re going to played games then Evolve.Haven’t played anything else big this year

Fallout 4 won GOTY at e3, then Evolve for me.

evolve. most played game. the only played game lol.


Fallout 4 no contest.

Otherwise, Witcher 3. It and Evolve are so far the only things that released this year that I’ve played this year. Everything else I’ve played is from 2014 or earlier.

Didn’t like Bloodborne for too many reasons to list and I’ve never gotten into the Fallout series.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for GOTY

Evolve is runner up with Batman: Arkham Knight right behind it

Batman Arkham Knight for PC :wink:

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why would you say that :scream:

I really love Evolve, but only when I’ve got people to play with, which unfortunately these days is a lot less than at launch :L
Therefore, I would have to give my top game of the year 2015 to Ark Survival Evolved, which I bought for less than £20, and has given me a ton of enjoyment, and I haven’t even messed around on multiplayer!


Like, i understand all the hype for it and stuff.

But GOTY?Inb4 worst port in history and game fails horribly.

Also i think, most praise will go towards Witcher 3

I have to go with Evolve… >.>


^ This.

For 2015 the only games i have played is Evolve, Dota and H1z1.So Evolve it is then ;p

Also i’d like to buy a PS4 to play games(Easier to rent PS4 games here) but i still dunno if next week we’ll have Euro’s so… :stuck_out_tongue:


ARK is pretty fun and they worked out a lot of kinks fast by interacting with the community, but I just get so frickin pissed with survivor games. Spend 8 hrs taming a lvl 86 megalodon… it beaches itself the next day and dies lol

Luckily for me I won a copy of the game from the one streamer I watch religiously :smile:

Yeah I’m looking forward to FO4 too but every bethesda game has been released buggier than a lollipop in an ant farm. I have a PC so mods and console commands should fix most problems I encounter but that doesn’t fix the fact that the game will be released with bugs and probably some game breaking bugs.

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Yeah lately the PC is getting a lot of shit.

Developers are not caring about it since i guess its not their big income.

QA testers where saying that Batman is not ready for PC but they said their bosses didn’t care as long as the console versions are good.

If you do get a PS4 i highly recommend getting The Last Of Us and Bloodborne because they are the must have games for the PS4 :smile:

I have a PS3 so i played TloU and as for bloodborne i probably would.

Altho i never been a fan of Dark Souls

I never was a fan of Dark Souls either, but when i played Bloodborne my whole perspective changed on those types of games.