Your first time here


I just want to know, when you found out there were evolve forums, what were the first thoughts running through your head and the reactions you had to people you met!!!


I mainly came here for more info, so happy(?) at all the concept art and clues there were, also in awe/fear of @Plaff’s stalking detective skills.
Didn’t make an account for a while till I found this quote from @SlabOMeat about Aus getting dedicated servers


Pretty sure my first thoughts were “I can’t wait for this alpha test to start!” as it was when I got my invite that I joined the forums.


I showed up in the time leading into the closed alpha and immediately started asking a bunch of questions about dedicated servers and community features, and very nearly wrote the game off when I wasn’t getting answers I liked. I decided to give the alpha a try anyway, and although I still bitch and moan a lot it’s because I enjoy the hell out of the game and want it to be awesome.

(Still waiting on some more API news though cough@citizenphnixcough ahem…)


Same, I was part of the Facebook comment section(a very dark place) and I used to see a lot of people writing “Oh, Macman said this in here and there” and I wanted more info!

I remember that I used to bump my threads a lot, what can I say, I felt lonely :cry:


I got kidnapped on the firsts days for no reason ):


I only intended to complain about some bugs, then leave.

For some reason, I’m still here…


What a shame…

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I joined this forum out of legitimate curiosity. And my intention of making a very specific thread that I don’t feel the need to mention.

My first reactions to some of the people here were legitimately along the lines of “These people are arguing left and right over some silly thing.”

I stayed because of a combination of the people on here, and the simplicity of these forums. I got very confused with sites like Reddit, they look so cluttered to me, and that steered me away. Have to applaud the creators of discourse, I love the layout.


Need to know more intensifies.

As for me, I just came here cuz why not, Evolve was legit my most anticipated game in a loooong time, so I figured I’d become a part of the community.
Granted, I thought I’d just be a lurker, but uh, made some friends and this place just sorta took over my entire life free time.

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It was in the awkward moments thread if you want to dig.

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Off I go.




February 12th is when I joined

I mainly came here under the guise of Mr Popo and my original forum name was XkrSkorpion… Which is also my psn ID.

I mostly had game type suggestions… Some of which got laughed at but I also suggested Arena mode… Which was a huge hit… But little did I know, the devs had already had this idea under way haha… I still felt special though… I thought I had made a difference at first… But in any case I grew to really enjoy the people here… And I have a close group of members that I can call friends, despite never meeting them. I love this forum


This is the first forum I’ve ever been a part of, and quite honestly I can’t remember how the hell I got here. :smile:

Generally If I like a game I just stick to the news sites, but I guess I was wanting to know more about the game than they were covering. That and I was sick of seeing all the negative comments people had left on these sites and wanted to provide some positive feedback to its creators. These days I love looking through on a daily basis, and I stay for the game’s updates and the community camaraderie.


Yes, this forum is quite amazing for how friendly it is… (For the most part) lol

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M8 this is legit my favorite song.


I’ve never heard it before and i just fell in love with it :3 thank you :smile:

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I was a very active user at The Tyranid Hive forums for four years. But a lot of the old timers left and it got a bit quiet over there. I couldn’t keep up with GW prices either so couldn’t afford the rules and therefor couldn’t really participate in the discussions.

Then I got myself into the Evolve big alpha and loved it. I eventually joined this sleek forum and liked the developer dedication and interaction, as well as the friendly environment and cool people. I had found myself a new home. :bucket_salute:

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